If You Loved The Pacific, Here Are 8 Similar Picks

Created by Tom Hanks and legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg, ‘The Pacific’ is an impressive and gripping exploration of the Pacific War and the bravery of those who took part. The series chronicles the wartime journeys of U.S. Marines Robert Leckie (James Badge Dale), Eugene Sledge (Joseph Mazzello), and John Basilone (Jon Seda) throughout World War II in the Pacific Theater. The series kicks off with the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor and later encapsulates pivotal battles like Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. The series provides a realistic and gloomy look at the horrific battle fought by the United States against the Japanese Army.

The Pacific‘ explores the impact of war on individuals, revealing how the brutality witnessed and the actions necessitated in the guise of duty and survival can erode one’s humanity. Craving for more? We’ve got a bucket full of similar shows. 

8. The Liberator (2020)

The Liberator,’ created by Jeb Stuart, made its Netflix debut in 2020 as an animated limited series. The series draws from the real-life account of Felix Shotgun Sparks (Bradley James), an infantry officer who commanded the 157th Infantry Regiment during World War II. The narrative follows Sparks and his valiant unit, named the Thunderbirds, as they navigate the battlefields of Italy, France, and Germany throughout the war. The series provides a window into their challenges, acts of valor, and the deep connections forged amidst the intensity of combat.

Both ‘The Liberator’ and ‘The Pacific’ spotlight the determination and resilience of soldiers confronting daunting adversity. ‘The Pacific’ underscores the bravery and persistence of American soldiers, highlighting their capacity to endure and triumph in the most grueling circumstances. In a similar vein, ‘The Liberator’ likewise illustrates the unyielding resolve of these soldiers and their unwavering dedication to their mission, even in the face of overwhelming obstacles.

7. World on Fire (2019-2023)

World on Fire,’ the brainchild of Peter Bowker, unfurls as an extraordinary historical drama chronicling the tumultuous era of World War II. This series is a transcontinental journey, delving into the lives of everyday individuals across Britain, Germany, Poland, France, and the United States. Much like ‘The Pacific,’ this series is a revelatory exploration of the war’s far-reaching impact, transcending borders to reveal a global narrative. Families, relationships, and entire communities take center stage, their sagas of struggle, sacrifice, and resilience painting a grim portrait of an unprecedented period in history. The series makes it clear that war isn’t merely an isolated issue—it’s an enveloping force that touches the lives of all, leaving behind nothing but ugly scars.

6. The Vietnam War (2017)

‘The Vietnam War,’ a documentary series co-created by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick in 2017, immerses the audience in the multi-dimensional history of the Vietnam War, encompassing the mid-20th century up to the fall of Saigon in 1975. The series carefully dissects the political, societal, and cultural dimensions of the conflict, featuring interviews with survivors from both sides of the battle. 

Both ‘The Pacific’ and ‘The Vietnam War’ unflinchingly portray the grim realities of warfare, shedding light on the soldier’s experiences and the impact of war on individuals and communities. ‘The Pacific’ delves deep into the Pacific theater of World War II, highlighting battles, strategies, and the personal narratives of those who lived through this intense chapter of history. ‘The Vietnam War,’ on the other hand, offers a sweeping historical narrative, meticulously recounting the events, choices, and repercussions of this tumultuous period.

5. SEAL Team (2017)

SEAL Team‘ is an American military drama that made its debut in 2017. The series explores a high-octane narrative orbiting an elite faction of Navy SEALs commanded by Master Chief Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz). Charged with dangerous clandestine operations spanning the global theater, the team undertakes harrowing missions, navigating treacherous terrain to safeguard their nation’s interests and protect innocent civilians.

While the crux of ‘SEAL Team’ encapsulates the exploits of these elite Navy SEALs in contemporary settings, it possesses a dual focus. Similar to ‘The Pacific,’ the series peels back the layers of the team members’ personal and professional lives, affording a glimpse into the crucible of both physical and emotional trials they endure—both on the field of battle and in the quieter moments of their lives.

4. Rebellion (2016)

‘Rebellion,’ the contrivance of director Aku Louhimies, stands as an absorbing Irish historical drama set against the backdrop of the pivotal 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin—an event etched deep in the annals of Irish history. Central to its narrative are three remarkable women: Elizabeth Butler (Charlie Murphy), Frances O’Flaherty (Ruth Bradley), and May Lacy (Sarah Greene), each drawn into the uprising by different motivations.

Both series endeavor to present a nuanced, unvarnished view of historical events, eschewing conventional narratives in favor of a more authentic exploration of the complexities inherent in war. ‘The Pacific’ unfurls a searing portrayal of the unforgiving realities of the Pacific theater, defying traditional glorification of heroism and instead illuminating the unvarnished brutality that lay therein. In parallel, ‘Rebellion’ boldly challenges historical perspectives by amplifying diverse voices, particularly those of women and ordinary citizens. 

3. Catch-22 (2019) 

Catch-22′ is a miniseries inspired by Joseph Heller’s famous satirical novel of the same name. The series is the brainchild of Grant Heslov, Ellen Kuras, and George Clooney, who also takes on a starring role in the series. The narrative unfolds in the World War II backdrop, zeroing in on Captain John Yossarian (Christopher Abbott), a bombardier flying B-25s in the U.S. Army Air Forces. Yossarian is a capable yet increasingly disenchanted soldier, fervently striving to complete his mandated flight missions to earn his ticket out of military duty.

Both ‘Catch 22’ and ‘The Pacific’ paint their canvas against the vast backdrop of World War II, skillfully plumbing the depths of the emotional and psychological turmoil that war inflicts on the soldiers. Akin to ‘The Pacific,’ ‘Catch 22’ vividly portrays the harshness of battle, the trials and tribulations of soldiers, and the daunting hurdles they confront amidst the chaos of the battlefield.

2. Five Came Back (2017)

‘Five Came Back,’ a documentary miniseries available on Netflix since 2017, is an adaptation of Mark Harris’ book bearing the same title. It explores the wartime experiences of five major Hollywood directors: Frank Capra, John Ford, John Huston, George Stevens, and William Wyler. The series brings the audience face to face with wartime experiences, analyzing the influence of this period on their lives and careers, as well as the role their films played in whittling public opinion and rallying support for the war.

Both ‘Five Came Back’ and ‘The Pacific’ highlight the mental and emotional toll that conflict has on its participants. Both shows extensively probe the soldiers’ depression and their struggle with the loss of comrades. ‘Five Came Back’ paints a realistic picture of how the loss of colleagues and friends in the line of duty affects them. Throughout the series, the mental devastation brought on by these deaths acts as a recurrent and tragic subject, exposing the horrific repercussions of war on the human mind and soul.

1. Band of Brothers (2001)

Band of Brothers‘ is a highly praised miniseries that draws inspiration from Stephen E. Ambrose’s book of the same name. Created by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, the series chronicles the journey of Easy Company soldiers, depicting their rigorous training, the intense ordeals of battle, and the personal trials they endure. 

The story is presented through a set of real-life interviews with surviving veterans and skillfully reenacted scenes. It encapsulates significant historical events such as the D-Day assault, the Battle of the Bulge, the seizing of Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest, and the exposing of Nazi concentration camps. While ‘Band of Brothers’ and ‘The Pacific’ have their unique approach, they both draw heavily from wartime tales, spotlighting events that changed the course of history. 

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