Sky Orders Claire Oakley’s Under the Salt Marsh

Image Credit: The Upcoming/YouTube

Sky and Claire Oakley have teamed up for an intriguing British crime drama! The network has ordered the detective series ‘Under the Salt Marsh,’ written by Oakley, who is also on board as the director. The show’s filming will start in North Wales and Cardiff in the United Kingdom on August 5 and conclude by December 2, 2024. The cast of the series hasn’t been announced yet.

Set in the fictional Welsh coastal town of Morfa Halen, the show revolves around a pair of detectives who navigate a small community rocked by what initially appears to be an accidental drowning. Against the backdrop of stunning landscapes where mountains meet the encroaching sea, Morfa Halen emerges as a vibrant locale filled with love, passion, humor, and acts of kindness.

As the series progresses, the death sends shockwaves through a community still marked by the disappearance of one of its inhabitants three years ago, which remains unexplained to this day. The detectives and the wider community must reckon with the idea that the two cases are linked and that a killer walks among them. With only a narrow window of time before a once-in-a-generation storm hits the community, washing away all evidence, the pressure is on to solve the case.

Oakley has recently directed episodes of the British heist show ‘Culprits.’ She also wrote and directed ‘Make Up,’ a mystery thriller set in a remote holiday park in Cornwall, exploring themes of suspicion and obsession. Oakley has showcased her talent through several short films, including ‘James,’ a story set in Gloucestershire, England, in 1796, depicting the moral dilemma of a day laborer faced with a medical experiment involving his son.

Oakley’s ‘Tracks’ follows the tradition of hunting, as a 15-year-old embarks on his first kill with his father. In ‘Physics,’ the filmmaker explores the discovery of the God particle on a beach, and its potential to rejuvenate a rundown town. Additionally, she directed the short film ‘Beautiful Enough,’ which centers on a young girl captivated by images of beautiful women.

In recent times, North Wales has been featured in projects such as ‘The Conspiracy of Dark Falls.’ Meanwhile, Cardiff has been a bustling hub for entertainment productions, having hosted the shooting of projects such as ‘Infinite‘ and the thriller series ‘Wolf.’

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