Stuck With You Ending, Explained: Do Gael and Hannah End Up Together?

Stuck With You’ has a refreshing take on romantic comedies. Directed by Frank Bellocq, the movie follows Hannah and Gael, who get stuck in an elevator on New Year’s Eve. The two strangers act like rubber and glue at first because of their polar opposite personalities. Soon, their friendly banter turns into a heartwarming bond.

Kev Adams and Camille Lellouche star as the two lead characters. The French Netflix movie is quirky and offbeat featuring various aspects of love, relationships, and career. Even in a short span of time, director Bellocq is able to capture the essence of connections and associations that are formed instantly. Furthermore, the movie expresses how people don’t need to be similar or alike in any way to have a wonderful relationship together. Considering the genre of the movie, you must be wondering about the fate of the protagonists. So, let’s discuss what happens in the ending sequence of ‘Stuck With You.’ SPOILERS AHEAD

Stuck With You Plot Synopsis

Gael is fashionably late to a New Year party at his friend’s place. He rushes to make it in time and doesn’t even have the time to change out of his work costume. In the elevator to the apartment, he meets Hannah. Due to a technical malfunction, the elevator stops functioning midway. Hannah is visibly annoyed while Gael tries to be positive.

The duo is frustrated to be stuck in an elevator on New Year’s Eve. They try pushing the doors open and calling the helpline number. Nothing works as all operators are off duty. Gael and Hannah try to kick the doors of the elevator but that just sends them down a few floors. Ultimately, they settle in to spend a considerable amount of time trapped in the elevator. Hannah is claustrophobic so she finds it hard to breathe while being stuck in a small room. Gael helps calm her down.

As they start talking, they introduce themselves and the reason for their being in the building. Hannah reveals that she is on her way to dump her boyfriend, Marc. She recounts her horrible dating past with lying, cheating, and thieving boyfriends. On the other hand, Gael revisits his childhood trauma which he besmears with jokes and denial. Gael had a stutter as a child, and his well-to-do cousins always bulled him for the same. Gael and Hannah share their past troubles which further gives us an insight into their personalities and demeanor.

The duo also tries asking for help by screaming and talking to people outside the lift, but nothing pans out. Soon after, Gael and Hannah hear a couple having sex outside the elevator. They try to ask them for help. However, the man shouts the name Prune, and Gael feels his world spin out of control. Prune is Gael’s girlfriend, who is seemingly cheating on him with another man. Hannah tries to console him, but he assures her that he saw it coming.

Hannah tries to cheer him up by setting him up with one of her friends. Thus, a spark ignites between the two as they begin to understand each other. Due to a miracle such as Gael talking to a cat, the doors of the elevator stand wide open. The duo steps out of the elevator and their nightmare ends.

Do Gael and Hannah End Up Together?

People can become vulnerable when they are trapped in a small space for a few hours. Subsequently, Gael and Hannah have deeper conversations about their issues and traumas. They share things that they haven’t shared with anyone else. Furthermore, they come to terms with their lives and the troubles that surround them.

After they step out of the elevator, Gael and Hannah go to their respective parties and break up with their partners. Gael and Prune split because of Prune’s infidelity. On the contrary, Hannah breaks up with Marc because of her perpetual trust issues with men. She lets him go before he hurts her. Even though Gael encourages her to trust people and give them a chance, Hannah decides that she can’t force her trust on Marc.

Consequently, Hannah and Gael return to the building hallway at midnight. At first, Gael thinks that Hannah does not reciprocate his feelings. However, things change when she reveals she broke up with Marc. The duo embraces each other and kiss to wish each other a Happy New Year.

Seemingly, their personalities complement each other very well. Gael’s free and fun attitude helps Hannah loosen up and have some fun. Moreover, Gael helps Hannah understand why she has faced such bad luck in all her relationships. He urges her to trust people and let people into her life. Whereas Hannah’s uptight and rigid attitude puts Gael straight and inspires him to work on his dreams. Hannah’s ambition and strife to be successful might rub off on Gael and motivate him to make an effort to fulfill his aspirations.

Furthermore, in some way, we believe that Hannah sees a hint of his father in Gael. As she reminisces and shares her past with Gael, she talks about her father who always encouraged her to see the good in life and to focus on the brighter side of life. Her father inspired her to be creative and to keep the inner child alive. Gael embodies that inner child which is missing from Hannah’s soul. In this aspect, Gael will help Hannah find her lost spirit and help her live freely and happily.

Gael and Hannah’s future might not look like they imagined, as a 60’s era sitcom or life on a farm in Southern regions. But, we believe it will be a happy relationship because of how they opened up with each other. Since the very beginning, they were honest and upfront with each other about their experiences and emotions. This implies a healthy start to a relationship. Gael and Hannah complete each other in numerous ways and inspire each other to become the best version of themselves.

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