Switched For Christmas: Cast and Filming Details

At its core, Christmas is a time when we should try to understand each other. Often, we end up thinking that others have it better than us, but until we walk a mile in their shoes, we do not realize how lucky we ourselves are. Hallmark’s ‘Switched for Christmas’ attempts to send this message through, in a hilarious and adorable family movie.

The premise follows identical twin sisters, who are stuck while planning their respective Christmas parties. They are convinced that the grass is greener on the other side. Naturally, they feel it would be a smart move to switch lives for the holiday. In the process, they learn more about each other, and themselves, at a deeper level, making this one of their best holidays.

While the narrative is intriguing in itself, the location of the film adds the necessary flavor to make it all the more enjoyable. It enhances the impact of the Hallmark movie, which might make you wonder about where ‘Switched for Christmas’ has been filmed. Not only are we here to tell you that, but we’ll also walk you through the movie’s cast.

Switched For Christmas Filming Locations:

‘Switched For Christmas’ is one of the rarer Hallmark movies that has not been filmed in Canada. Instead, the movie has been filmed in Utah, including places like Payson, Draper, and Salt Lake City. Filming commenced from late September to mid-October. You can check out a casting call in Utah for ‘Switched for Christmas’, here.

Moreover, you can also check out a tweet, from someone who has been captured in the background, while ‘Switched for Christmas’ was filming in Utah.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Among the places where filming has specifically taken place, Salt Lake City deserves special mention. A major chunk of the movie has been filmed in places like Federal Heights and the Utah State Fair Park. Kimi’s Chop & Oyster House – 2155 S Highland Dr, has been used for the Christmas party scene. Some scenes have also been filmed at Temple Square. In fact, there is a Facebook post from a Salt Lake City resident, stating that ‘Switched for Christmas’ has been filmed outside her office.

Payson, Utah

Some parts of the movie were also filmed in Main, in Payson. You can check out a post below, which confirms that filming took place there.

Switched For Christmas Cast:

Coming to the cast of the movie, Candace Cameron Bure appears in a double role, playing the twin sisters. She is Kate and Chris Lockhart in the film. Candace started in ‘Full House‘ and has managed to make a successful career of her own as an actress, producer, inspirational speaker, among other things. Candace has been married to former NFL star, Val Bure, since 1996, and have three children. They also have a highly rated wine label called Bure Family Wines.

You can check out Candace’s post, from the set, below.

Mark Deklin is also a fellow cast member and has earned his MFA from PATP conservatory, at Washington. He has appeared in several Broadway and off-Broadway projects. Deklin is also a popular face in the television landscape, and has several shows under his belt, like ‘Designated Survivor‘, ‘Devious Maids‘, and ‘Hawaii Five-O‘. He plays the role of Greg Turner in this movie.

Eion Bailey appears in the role of Tom Kinder. Eion is known for some critically acclaimed performances, in shows like ‘Band of Brothers’ and ‘ER’. He also appears in ‘The Last Tycoon‘. Coming to films, he has appeared in works like ‘Fight Club‘ and ‘Almost Famous’. Bailey has won a Day- time Emmy for his Outstanding Performance in the film, ‘Life of the Party.’

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