Ted Lasso’s International Break, Explained

Apple TV+’s ‘Ted Lasso‘ season 3 tries to give viewers an expansive and immersive look into the footballing world by featuring real club logos, trademarks, and even stadiums. While the show does feature a lack of real-life footballers, it does not shy away from replicating the format and feels of the various competitions players compete in during the busy Footballing Callander. The tenth episode introduces viewers to the concept of the international break as several AFC Richmond players fly out to play for their nations. As a result, viewers must be curious to learn more about the international break and the players who are called up to their national sides ‘Ted Lasso’ season 3 episode 10! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Is International Break?

‘Ted Lasso’ explores a fictional version of the real footballing world through the lens of AFC Richmond, a fictional football club in the English Football League system. Unlike American sports, English Football, also known as soccer in the West, has several different aspects that viewers are slowly introduced to over three seasons. For example, season 1 introduces viewers to the concept of relegation, which is foreign to viewers of American sports, as teams are dropped to a lower league if they finish at the bottom of the league table. Similarly, the tenth episode of season 3, titled ‘International Break,’ sees AFC Richmond head into the international break.

In soccer, club competitions unfold year-round, and players represent their clubs in them. However, every few weeks, the club competitions take a break, allowing players to participate in international matches, representing their nations. These games played during international breaks range from friendlies between nations to qualification matches and tournaments such as UEFA Euros or the FIFA World Cup. The international break in the tenth episode appears to be a routine one, with a combination of friendly and qualification games being played between several nations across the globe. Several AFC Richmond players are chosen to represent their nations during the international break.

Which Richmond Players Represent Their Nations?

During an international break, players who perform exceedingly well for their clubs are called up to represent their nations. In the opening minutes of the tenth episode, Coach Beard announces all the national team call-ups as Richmond extends their winning streak to ten games. Jamie Tartt, who has become the talisman of Richmond, receives his first call-up to the England national team and later makes his debut for his country wearing the number 24 jersey. In reality, England is managed by Gareth Southgate, and Harry Kane usually occupies the Center Forward birth on the starting lineup and wears the number 9 jersey. When Jamie is subbed on, No. 9 is subbed off, implying Jamie replaced Kane in the second half for his debut. However, Jamie would compete with Ivan Toney and Marcus Rashford for a place in the team.

Meanwhile, Thierry Zoreaux, aka Van Damme, represents Canada in a game against Mexico, with teammate Dani Rojas representing the latter. Milan Borjan of Red Star Belgrade usually takes the No. 1 spot for Canada. However, a goalkeeper like Zoreaux with Premier League experience would certainly be an upgrade on the 35-year-old Borjan. On the other hand, the Mexican team has struggled to find a prolific Center Forward after seemingly moving on from all-time top scorer Javier “Chicharito” Hernández, who hasn’t played for them since 2019, and injuries to Raúl Jiménez. As a result, Dani would perfectly fit the No. 9-shaped void in the Mexican team.

Moe Bumbercatch is called up to the Switzerland national team and is expected to play a Holding Midfield role. Hence, Bumbercatch would have to compete with the likes of Denis Zakaria, Granit Xhaka, and Remo Freuler in the three-man midfield formation that Switzerland usually deploys. As a result, it is easy to understand why we never see Bumbercatch playing for Switzerland in the episode. Meanwhile, Colin Hughes is called up to the Wales national team. Colin usually plays as a left-winger, a spot held by country legend Gareth Bale for several years until his retirement in 2022. However, Colin will have to compete with Dan James and Harry Wilson for the left-winger spot in the starting lineup.

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