The Boys Season 3 Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

With just one episode left to wrap up its third season, ‘The Boys’ unpacks a lot of secrets and lies in this one. While the show is known for its twists and turns, the shock of a lifetime awaits some characters. By the time this episode ends, there is a shift in loyalties and alliances. The stakes are raised higher for heroes and villains alike, and the ending gives way to a looming uncertainty about their fate. In the end, it all comes down to the choices of people, and a lot of them are to be made before the final showdown happens. Here we take a look at the events of the episode and see what it means for the final chapter of this season.

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After Starlight exposed Homelander, Vought gets to crisis management and turns the narrative on Starlight. They defame her, accusing her of working with terrorists and running a smuggling ring. Despite this, Homelander begins to unravel, as he can see that his popularity is facing a decline. But he still has some staunch followers, who will believe whatever he says. He also receives an offer he can’t refuse from Victoria.

Hughie, Butcher, and Soldier Boy go after Mindstorm, who throws Butcher into a sleep, caught in an endless nightmare. We see a young Billy with his brother, Lenny, and the abuse they face from their father. As Billy goes through his past memories, he realizes that he has been bringing Hughie down to his level and worries that one day, it might lead to his death as well. With Butcher caught in the nightmare created by Mindstorm, Hughie works with Soldier Boy to find the supe. However, it quickly becomes clear to him that Soldier Boy is more messed up than they’d initially imagined, and much more ruthless too.

Frenchie and Kimiko reunite with MM and Starlight to try and figure out what thing the Russians used to overpower Soldier Boy. Kimiko asks Starlight to get her Compound V so that she can have her powers back. At first, Starlight refuses, but after some convincing, she decides to visit the Vought Tower. While looking for Compound V, she comes across the notes of the scientists in the lab and discovers that after 3-5 doses, V-24 becomes fatal for the user. She also comes face to face with Homelander, but her presence of mind saves her from being killed on the spot. Homelander also meets with Maeve, who is ecstatic to discover that not only does the unkillable Supe have a bruise, but he is also scared.

The Deep comes up with a way to spice his sex life with Cassandra. After her initial hesitation, she decides to give it a chance, but when an octopus is brought into the fold, she decides to quit it. A-Train recovers from the heart attack that nearly killed him after Herogasm. To his surprise, Ashley tells him that they have put a new heart in him. It belonged to Blue Hawk, but now that he has no need for it, it only makes sense that A-Train should have it. They also decide to blame Blue Hawk’s death on Soldier Boy.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 7 Ending

With Black Noir confronting his past, we finally figure out why Payback hated Soldier Boy and how they got him abducted by the Russians. Turns out that Homelander’s bullying is a lot milder than Soldier Boy’s. Before Nicaragua, Soldier Boy would keep the rest of the Payback in line by beating them up. Noir, especially, suffered the brunt of his anger. Around the same time, Vought had been coming up with a new Supe, who was not just stronger but could also fly.

With Soldier Boy’s actions proving to be much more trouble than they were worth, Stan Edgar gave a green light to Payback to exact their revenge on Soldier Boy. When the Russians attacked them in Nicaragua, they used it as a cover to subdue their leader and hand him over to the enemy. But Soldier Boy didn’t leave without incurring some damage. He fatally wounded Black Noir, burning half of his face, and beating him to the extent that a part of his brain fell off his head. This explains why he can’t speak and why he never takes off his mask.

It wasn’t lost on Soldier Boy that Payback couldn’t have betrayed him if they hadn’t received a go from Vought. He wants to know why that happened, and Mindstorm gives him the answer. It turns out that the new Supe that they’d been readying to replace Soldier Boy was his son. They’d used his sperm to make the Supe that later became Homelander. This revelation shocks Soldier Boy and leaves Butcher and Hughie wondering if the deal’s off on killing Homelander. Butcher also discovers that V-24 is going to kill them if they keep using it. Despite Annie’s pleas to warn Hughie, he doesn’t. It looks like Butcher is on a suicide mission now and will see it to his death. What remains to be seen is if he’ll take Hughie down with him or will the remorse of his brother’s death lead him to save Hughie.

What makes Butcher’s mission more suicidal is the nature of Soldier Boy and Homelander’s relationship. It might fail his plan because the way Soldier Boy talks with Homelander at the end, it seems like he might have wanted to have a good relationship with his son. It also mirrors the way Homelander feels attached to Ryan, who is the only family he’s got. After a massive betrayal and spending so much time in captivity, it looks like Soldier Boy might need his family too. If it really turns out like that, the Boys will have two seemingly unbeatable Supes roaming around and possibly plotting to dominate the world. There’s no one who can stop them. Unless another Supe is brought back from the dead to fight them.

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