The Greatest Show Never Made: Where Are They Now?

While being a reality TV star is a dream of many, Amazon Prime’s ‘The Greatest Show Never Made’ tells the story of those who took part in a project that never did come to fruition. Filled with various ups and downs, along with the hopes and aspirations of many, the documentary show gives a glimpse into the minds of those who saw their apparent shining chance at fame crumbling away. As such, it is only valid that the public is curious about just how the various people associated with the show are doing. So, let’s explore it all together, shall we?

Where is Nikita Russian Now?

We are starting off with Nikita Russian, who now goes by the name Nik Quentin Woolf or N Quentin Woolf. After falling on some hard times following the abrupt stop of his plans to make a reality TV show, he worked hard to carve a new path in life for himself. Presently, he is a successful author, having written ‘The Death of the Poet,’ which was released on April 4, 2014. He is also well known as a podcaster and is affiliated with projects like “Londonist Out Loud,” “The Wireless Reader,” and “Big Reads: Ulysses.” Additionally, he helps with the operation of The Writers’ Lab in East London, England. While he has taken part in several entertainment projects over the years, his true joy seems to come from his family. Indeed, Woolf is now happily married and enjoys spending time with his two children.

Where is Jane Marshall Now?

Jane Marshall stayed in London for about four months after her time with the Nikita Russian’s reality show before moving back to her home near Manchester, England. She then joined an extra agency, which has allowed her to be a part of several movies and TV series. She has also met some well-known artists over the years thanks to her job. Unfortunately, she lost her father in September 2021 due to health complications. Prior to that, Jane had put her career on hold in order to take care of her father, but she seems to have entered the industry with more zeal than ever.

Where is Tim Eagle Now?

Up next, we have Tim Eagle, who continues to entertain the masses with his personal as Skinny Bean, a clown who says everything that is on Tim’s mind without any restraint. Recently, Skinny Bean has completed 30 years of existence, much to the joy of the one who conceived him into becoming a reality. As for his personal life, Tim enjoys spending time with his dear family and takes pride in his role as a husband and as a father of two amazing kids.

Where is Rosy Burnie Now?

As of writing, Rosy Burnie lives in Spain on a farm with her partner. The two work together in order to make high-quality olive oil that they are proud to create. Recently, the farm has also acquired 500 bees, making Rosy hopeful that she might soon enter the honey business. Additionally, she has been serving as a Founding Partner and Managing Director for M.I.C.E in the Bag since January 2017. While she prefers to keep the details of her personal life private, it is obvious that Rosy is quite proud of everything she has achieved in life.

Where is Lucie Miller Now?

Let’s now talk about Lucie Miller, the woman who was given the role of co-presenter of her team in the show that Nikita Russian had created. Despite her passion for presenting, she shortly left the field of presenting behind, claiming in the Amazon Prime show that her priorities had shifted. As for writing, she is a proud mother of two adorable children whom she is proud to call her own. Additionally, she has been more than happy to talk with the public about her participation in the documentary series, which has allowed her to talk about one of the most memorable periods of her life.

Where is Daniel Pope Now?

We are excited to talk about Daniel Pope, who is seemingly thriving in his life. Presently, he is the Director of Finance Operations for Mundipharma, having gained the position in October 2023. Prior to that, he used to be the Director of Accounts Receivable for the company. Based in the wider London area, Daniel claimed that he is quite “content” in his life. More than anything, he hopes to provide his daughter with everything that she needs to live happily without any regrets.

Where is John Comyn Now?

John Comyn, another contestant for the show that was never made, is quite happy with how his life has turned out. Though he used to dream of being a teacher, he has now carved a path for himself in the world of management. He now lives in London and works as the Operations Director for Battersea Fire Protection Services, having joined the company in January 2011. When not working hard, he likes to cook some mouthwatering and eye-catching dishes and often posts pictures of the same on his social media.

Where is Michael Fabbri Now?

As a childhood friend of the man who would come to be known to the world as Nikita Russian, Michael Fabbri provided some unique insight into the life of the man who created the reality show that never was. Michael himself entered the world of comedy after his own participation in the project and was one of the 2003 finalists of ‘So You Think You’re Funny.’ Some of the other projects he has contributed to over the years include ‘Stand Up for the Week’ and ‘Dyslexicon.’ Even now, he continues to entertain the masses with his skills as a stand-up comedian.

Where is David Wilder Now?

Following a surgery that impacted his ability to work to his fullest extent, David Wilder was determined not to let anything stop him from achieving his dreams. Hence, he was quite fascinated with the idea that Nikita Russian presented to him and agreed to take on the role of the show’s director. However, following the initial round of auditions, he decided to back out, feeling that the project might not be as feasible as he had once thought. Though David seemingly prefers to keep the details of his personal life private, his artistic skills continue to shine, as evidenced by the musical number he performed in the documentary show.

Where is Kerry Now?

While not a part of the same team as the other contestants featured in the show, Kerry was indeed one of the cast members selected by Nikita Russian to be in his reality show. Her team met up in Richmond Park, London, and was given the same task as others. It was her friend who told her that the producer of the show she was apparently a part of actually worked at a bookstore. Though Kerry prefers to live a private life, she did seem happy to share her own experience about just how she ventured into the world of television.

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