The Perfect Find Ending: Do Jenna And Eric End Up Together?

‘The Perfect Find,’ directed by Numa Perrier, is Netflix’s fashion-driven rom-com film starring Gabrielle Union and Keith Powers as central characters. After a year-long break from the fashion industry caused by a terrible breakup, Jenna Jones returns to the game, working for Darzine, her rival Darcy Hill’s company. Ready to give her career a second chance at success, Jenna’s journey hits a roadblock after meeting dreamy and young Eric Hill: Darcy’s son. As Jenna unintentionally falls in love, her love life may just end up ruining her career yet again.

With all the classic romcom elements set in place, Jenna and Eric’s charged chemistry swiftly catches the audience’s attention. But does the pair manage to overcome the hurdles life throws their way? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Do Jenna And Eric End Up Together?

After dealing with the end of a ten-year relationship with Brian, Jenna finally leaves her hideout at her parent’s house and returns to New York. However, Jenna finds it hard to get a new job due to her year-long absence from the scene and the ageist nature of the fashion industry. Therefore as a last resort, Jenna arrives at old rival Darcy’s company and convinces her to hire her.

Later, when Jenna goes out with her friends, she meets a charming younger man and drunkenly makes out with him. The next at the office, Jenna discovers that the previous night’s mystery man was none other than Darcy’s videographer son: Eric Hill. Paired up together to work on Darzine’s latest subscription relaunch, Jenna and Eric find themselves in an awkward position. However, neither is willing to relinquish control. As such, the pair continues sniping at each other.

Nevertheless, as their workplace relationship grows into a friendship, the two find themselves unable to ignore their pull anymore. Easily falling into a forbidden affair with one another, Eric and Jenna bond over their passion for films and open up about their pasts. Meanwhile, at work, their collaborative project involving vintage incorporation into the Darzine brand hits a home run and skyrockets Darzine’s reputation. Still, Jenna insists on keeping their relationship a secret, knowing Darcy would fire her if she found out about her involvement with her son.

Eventually, after seeing Eric with his ex-girlfriend Madison, Jenna’s insecurity gets the better of her. Since Jenna is in her forties, she believes she’s too old to have a child, and even though Eric assures her he doesn’t want kids, she’s reluctant to believe him in the face of his younger ex-girlfriend. As a result, an argument erupts between the pair that leads to further misunderstanding when Eric sees Jenna with her ex, Brian.

The next day, when Eric fails to show up at work, Jenna realizes her mistake and decides to make it up to him. With the help of her friends, Jenna sneaks into Darcy’s penthouse and apologizes to Eric. Although the couple makes up, they are soon found out by Darcy while having sex in her living room. Incredibly infuriated by Jenna and convinced she slept with Eric as a twisted play against her, Darcy fires Jenna from her job and forbids Eric from seeing her again.

Jenna tries to convince Darcy that she and Eric are in love, but Darcy believes Eric, in his twenties, is too young to make his own decisions. Despite Jenna’s expectations, Eric fails to stand up for them against his mother. Therefore, Jenna leaves and cuts off ties with Eric.

As time passes, Eric quits Darzine and moves out of his mother’s house to pursue his filmmaking dreams. Likewise, Jenna, with no other prospects left in the fashion industry, finds her footing as a fashion film course professor at Columbia. However, months after their abrupt breakup, Jenna calls Eric hoping to reconnect with him.

As the couple reunites over dinner, Jenna reveals to Eric that she’s pregnant with his baby. Blindsided by the news, Eric reacts poorly, unsure whether or not he’s ready to be a father yet. Since Jenna already knows about Eric’s inclination toward never having kids, she doesn’t expect him to be involved. Nevertheless, Eric’s reaction still leaves her feeling disappointed and hurt.

A few days later, Darcy shows up at Jenna’s apartment and establishes her decision to be a part of her grandchild’s life. In her youth, Darcy married an older man and had Eric. Although Darcy dearly loved her husband, her parents despised him. As a result, they refused to be a part of his life. Darcy doesn’t want to make the same mistakes as her parents and welcomes Jenna to her family.

Eventually, after Eric has had time to think things through, he returns to Jenna. Although he still thinks he’s too young to have a kid, he loves Jenna and wants to be a good father to his son. In the end, Eric and Jenna get back together, planning to raise their kid, Otis Jones-Hill, together as loving parents.

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