The Tailor Season 3 Ending, Explained: Do Peyami and Esvet End Up Together?

Netflix’s ‘The Tailor‘ season 3 finally resolves the high-voltage romantic drama sparked by the love triangle between its three main characters. The Turkish drama series (also known as ‘Terzi’) created by Onur Güvenatam follows the life of famous tailor Peyami Dokumacı. After the second season left things between Peyami and Esvet uncertain, the third season shifts the focus on their romance as they begin an affair behind Dimitri’s back. However, Peyami and Esvet’s romance seemingly dooms the latter’s marriage and Peyami’s friendship with Dimitri. With family, friends, and power at stake, viewers must be curious for answers about how the tale of the famous Istanbul-based tailor’s overcomplicated love and family life concludes. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Tailor Season 3 Recap

The third season opens with Peyami burying himself in work and traveling worldwide. After a long work trip, Peyami returns home early to surprise Kiraz and Mustafa. After reuniting with his mother at the end of the second season, Peyami has built himself a happy family. Peyami’s relationship with Mustafa has also drastically improved. However, Kiraz senses that Peyami is unhappy because he cannot be with Esvet. Dimitri and Esvet visit Peyami to welcome him back to Istanbul.

Peyami reveals that he plans to expand his brand into shoes and other accessories for women. Therefore, Dimitri suggests Peyami take Esvet’s advice on crafting the products. Dimitri also reveals that he and Esvet will move to the United States in a few days. Peyami speaks with Esvet privately and asks if she really wants to move away with Dimitri. However, Esvet seems to have given up on a possible relationship with Peyami and committed herself to Dimitri. After an uncomfortable moving-away party, Peyami laments losing Esvet.

Kiraz and Mustafa stop Esvet and Dimitri from moving by revealing their wedding plans. At the wedding reception, Peyami dances with Esvet in front of everyone, convincing Esvet of his feelings for her. Peyami and Esvet begin a secret affair behind Dimitri’s back. When Dimitri’s father, Ari, plans suspicion of Esvet cheating on his son with his best friend, Dimitri becomes paranoid. However, when Dimitri cannot find evidence of Peyami and Esvet’s affair, he blames Ari for messing with his head.

Peyami and Esvet try to come clean to Dimitri about their affair but cannot find the right time to tell him. Later, Ari gathers proof of Peyami and Esvet’s affair. He visits Dimitri at the ranch, where he reveals the proof, but an enraged Dimitri attacks his father, thinking he is being tricked again. Ari suffers severe head injuries and dies in the hospital, while Peyami helps cover up Dimitri’s involvement in Ari’s death. However, Dimitri becomes convinced that Peyami and Esvet are lying to him and prepares to confront them after his father’s funeral.

The Tailor Season 3 Ending: Do Peyami and Esvet End Up Together?

After the second season primarily focuses on Peyami dealing with his family issues, Peyami and Esvet’s romantic relationship becomes the focal point in the third season. In the penultimate episode, Dimitri discovers that Peyami and Esvet have resumed their affair behind his back. Therefore, he prepares to confront the couple by setting up a dinner at a remote warehouse where it is only him, Peyami, and Esvet. During dinner, Dimitri admits to Ari sharing proof of Peyami and Esvet’s affair before his death. A distraught Dimitri feels betrayed by Peyami and Esvet, two people he claims to love the most.

Dimitri cannot bear the burden of this betrayal and tries to kill all three of them by setting up a time bomb in the warehouse. However, Dimitri and Peyami rekindle their friendship by reminiscing about their childhood. As a result, Dimitri realizes that Peyami truly loves Esvet and never meant to hurt him. Therefore, Dimitri allows Peyami and Esvet to leave the warehouse but lets himself die in the explosion. Sometime later, Esvet and Peyami visit Dimitri’s childhood hiding spot in the woods, where they discover an apology letter from Dimitri and information about Esvet’s true parentage.

Ultimately, Peyami and Esvet finally end up together as Dimitri steps away and no longer torments the couple. Moreover, Dimitri’s letter puts Peyami at ease about betraying his best friend. Therefore, he can truly be with Esvet without feeling guilty for hurting Dimitri. In the finale, Peyami and Esvet appear to be in a happy relationship. The couple has moved to the farm where Peyami grew up and is building a new life for themselves. Thus, it is safe to say that Peyami and Esvet receive their happily ever after. Peyami and Esvet love each other and could feel they were meant to be together. However, a marriage of convenience perpetrated by Ari created an unnecessary love triangle between Peyami, Esvet, and Dimitri. Eventually, Peyami and Esvet find a way to be together, especially with Dimitri out of the picture.

Is Dimitri Dead?

No, Dimitri is not dead. Despite the penultimate episode suggesting that Dimitri died in the explosion, he seems to have survived. The first hint of Dimitri’s survival comes when a young boy is sent to lay flowers on Dimitri’s grave, giving Peyami the address to the cabin along the way. In the finale’s closing moments, Peyami and Esvet share a warm moment discussing their future. However, a mysterious figure watches them from a distance and is later revealed to be Dimitri. Therefore, Dimitri clearly survived the explosion but lost an eye, and his skin is visibly badly burned.

On the surface, it seems like Dimitri felt the only way to resolve the love triangle was to remove himself from the picture completely. However, one thing that can be said abo Dimitri without any doubt is that he is wildly unpredictable and not one to give up on a grudge. Moreover, Dimitri, keeping a watchful eye over Peyami and Esvet, strongly suggests that he is not completely done with his vendetta against his best friend and former wife. In the second last episode, Dimitri compares his situation with Judas betraying Jesus. He ends the speech by promising to make the ones who betrayed him wish they were never born. Hence, it is possible that Dimitri is plotting his revenge and could make life hell for Peyami and Esvet. Furthermore, Dimitri may have faked his death as a part of a larger plan to torment Peyami and Esvet.

What Happens to Kiraz and Mustafa?

Kiraz and Mustafa reunite at the end of the second season, and their tragic romance turns into a fulfilling one in the third season. However, Kiraz’s past and her hidden secrets threaten to destroy the fragile family life she built with Peyami and Mustafa. She visits Osman by lying to Mustafa, revealing she has a grandson. While it is implied that Osman and Kiraz share a family, the finale proves it untrue. During her time away from Peyami and Mustafa, Kiraz formed a surrogate family with Osman’s children and grandson. In the finale’s final moments, Mustafa confirms that he and Kiraz treat Osman and his grandson as their own family, ending any doubts or concerns regarding their relationship. Moreover, Mustafa and Kiraz also get formally married in the third season, marking the start of a long and happy married life, which they were once robbed of because of Peyami’s grandparents.

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