Third Trailer of Brad Pitt’s ‘Ad Astra’ is Here

‘Ad Astra’, the science fiction movie from 20th Century Fox, just released its third trailer. The science-fiction movie follows an astronaut named Roy McBride. He travels to the edge of the solar system in an attempt to find his missing father. However, the search for his father leads Roy to stumble upon a mystery that could threaten the survival of humans on earth. Ultimately, on the astronaut’s journey, he uncovers secrets that challenge the very nature of human existence. Brad Pitt plays the role of the astronaut Roy McBride while Tommy Lee Jones steps into the role of the father. The other cast members include Ruth Negga, Liv Tyler, Donald Sutherland, Jamie Kennedy, John Finn, and Kimberly Elise. James Gray directs the film that he has co-produced and co-written with Ethan Gross.

In the new trailer, we can see Roy talking to the press. He says, “I do what I do because of my dad”. This is followed by a montage of shots and photos which capture his father’s early days as an astronaut. Roy continues, “He gave his life to the pursuit of knowledge ’cause up there is where our story’s gonna be told.” Next up, we see Roy taking a top-secret psychological evaluation test. He describes himself as steady and calm. He also assures the examiner that he will remain calm, focused and execute his duties to the best of his ability. Even as Roy’s voice remains steady, we see him dropping from a ladder and descending quickly into space.

Roy continues to prepare for his journey and as he does so, he explains that his father was the first man to explore the outer solar system. As the clip shows him both at work and living his personal life, Roy says, “He was a pioneer, but there was much more to him than that”. Later in the trailer, Roy’s mission becomes clear when he explains that he is setting out to “stop uncontrolled antimatter reaction, which threatens our entire solar system”.

However, things are rarely as simple as they seem, especially in outer space. Drama ensues when Roy finds out that some people hold the belief that his father might be responsible for the imbalance in the solar system in the first place. Even as Roy turns to old videos of his father to cling on to his belief, doubt has already crept into his mind. He asks, “What did he find out there in the abyss?”. There are some intense scenes which follow, showing Roy on his mission to find his father and protect everyone on earth. The message is clear that in space, the biggest enemy is the never-ending vastness of the abyss. The trailer ends with Roy’s father telling him, “The world awaits our discovery, my son”.

You can watch the third trailer of ‘Ad Astra’ below. The movie is slated to release on September 20, 2019.