Too Hot to Handle Season 1: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

Season 1 of the sizzling reality dating show ‘Too Hot to Handle’ premiered in April 2020 on the popular streaming platform Netflix. The series follows a group of attractive singles who are brought to a tropical paradise, only to discover they must abstain from physical intimacy if they want to win the cash prize. As the contestants navigate the challenges of building connections without succumbing to temptation, the show delivers a mix of drama, romance, and comedic moments. It thus comes as no surprise this original quickly gained popularity for its entertaining concept and became a binge-worthy hit among viewers.

As fans reminisce about the steamy drama and hilarious escapades of the show, especially considering the years to have passed since its launch, they may find themselves wondering about the current whereabouts of their favorite contestants. But don’t worry, if you want to catch up on their post-show adventures, we’ve got you covered.

Chloe Veitch Has Become a True Reality TV Star

Chloe Veitch, known for her klutzy stint in season 1, has ventured into various reality TV projects, showcasing her versatility. Following her time on the show, Chloe participated in ‘The Circle US’ season 2, where she emerged as the runner-up and fan favorite. Her reality TV journey continued with appearances on ‘Celebrity Ghost Trip,’ ‘Celebrity Hunted,’ and ‘Eating With My Ex.’ In 2023, she starred in the first season of ‘Perfect Match‘ and even featured on E4’s ‘The Big Celebrity Detox.’

Apart from reality TV, Chloe is a Netflix Host and has made headlines by revealing her bisexuality on ‘The Big Celebrity Detox.’ In October 2022, she shared her struggles with mental health, acknowledging the need for help and highlighting the pressures of fame. Her openness about her journey, including her split with ‘Perfect Match’ co-star/’Love is Blind’ famed Shayne Jansen, adds a personal touch to her public persona. In March 2023, she confirmed that she was dating hockey player Ivan Lodnia. However, by June, she indicated she was single on ‘Vicky Pattison: The Secret To’ podcast. Chloe’s dynamic career and candid sharing of personal experiences reflect her commitment to both her professional growth and mental well-being.

Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey Are Not Together Anymore

Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey’s rollercoaster relationship journey has been marked by highs, lows, and public scrutiny. They initially split for eight months following the filming of ‘Too Hot to Handle.’ In February 2020, amidst the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Farago and Jowsey decided to quarantine together. Unfortunately, by June 2020, the pair called it quits for one last time, prompting reports by The Daily Mail that Harry had dated co-star Madison during their temporary separation.

The post-breakup period saw Farago making appearances on reality shows like ‘The Only Way Is Essex,’ ‘Love is Blind: After the Altar’ and ‘Perfect Match.’ The complexities of her love life continued when she dated Bachelorette alum Jef Holm in September 2020. Reportedly, Jef told E News that they were dating at the time. Although there were glimpses of their relationship on social media, the details of their breakup remained elusive. In January 2021, The Sun reported that Demi Sims from ‘The Only Way is Essex’ also dated Farago. Their fast-paced romance hit a roadblock when Farago contracted COVID-19, only for some added online drama to then lead to a breakup in April 2021. She also had a brief involvement with ‘The Mole’ star Dom Gabriel on ‘Perfect Match’

The plot thickened when Farago found love again, this time with TikTok star Jesse Sullivan. They actually got engaged following a whirlwind romance in May 2023. The couple now plans to tie the knot in May 2024. Notably, Farago has ventured into entrepreneurship, founding her brand, Farago The Label. On the flip side, Harry Jowsey embarked on various ventures post-show. Participating in MTV’s ‘Match Me If You Can’ in 2021, he also appeared on ‘Floor Is Lava‘ and co-starred with Farago in ‘Reality Games.’ His reality TV journey continued with appearances on ‘The Amazing Race Australia 7’ and the ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ season 32.

In the realm of business, Jowsey co-founded Kensngtn Sunglasses, a global brand, and ventured into the luxury scents market with his brand, The Ritual. His clothing line, Naughty Possums, emerged with a nod to his catchphrase from the show. He even had a podcast called ‘Tap In with Harry Jowsey’ and is now a Netflix host. Jowsey’s diverse entrepreneurial pursuits underline his ambition beyond reality TV. However, his personal life has been a subject of public attention, particularly his relationships. Dating season 3 contestant Georgia Hassarati in 2022, they experienced a series of breakups and reconciliations before parting ways for good in November. In the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast, Jowsey claimed that Georgia had cheated on him.

Despite the public scrutiny and relationship ups and downs, Jowsey remained candid about his personal life. He engaged in discussions on podcasts like ‘The Shitshow’ and addressed rumors about his relationship with his ‘Dancing With The Stars’ partner Rylee Arnold. While debunking the rumors in an interview with Business Insider, he emphasized the strength of their connection and said, “I think me and Rylee are closer and stronger than ever.”

Kelechi “Kelz” Dyke Has Become a Fitness Model

Kelechi “Kelz” Dyke has transitioned into a career as a fitness model, athlete, and trainer. His active involvement in fitness is evident through regular posts showcasing workout routines and healthy protein recipes, plus his own training app. As fot his reality TV stints, Kelz has competed on ‘The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies,’ showcasing his athleticism. Having been associated with the American football team London Warriors in South London, Kelz demonstrates a passion for sports. His engagement with the job-seeking platform Indeed UK also suggests he has a great focus on career development. He maintains an active online presence, motivating others on their fitness journeys. As of now, he appears to be dedicating time to personal and professional growth while navigating the single life.

Rhonda Paul and Sharron Townsend Have Parted Ways

Rhonda Paul and Sharron Townsend, a sensational pair from ‘Too Hot to Handle,’ faced challenges related to distance that led to their split in April 2020. So, since then, model and restaurant manager Rhonda has been devoting her time to her son Amari from her previous relationship with LaRodney Sanchez Haynes. She engages with her audience on Instagram, promoting fashion brands and collaborating with them. Plus, this Atlanta, Georgia native is incredibly proud of her her brand Rhonda’s Inspired Living.

Sharron Townsend has ventured into various projects, embodying a positive and impactful mission. He founded the Today I Smiled Project in 2021, focusing on spreading love and positivity globally through random acts of kindness. Additionally, Sharron has entered the world of fashion with the release of the Daily Reminder Vest. He also coaches a high school wrestling team, emphasizing his commitment to sports and mentorship. Sharron’s love for his two dogs further showcase his diverse interests.

Nicole O’Brien Has Launched a Mental Health Platform

Following her split with Bryce Hirschberg in May 2020, Nicole appeared on MTV’s ‘Ex on the Beach’ season 5. Her connection with the entertainment industry continued on ‘Celebrity Ghost Trip’ in 2021. Notably, she released a single titled “Girls Like Me” in October 2023 to showcase her vocal range and foray into the music industry. Nicole has even embraced her role as an influencer, venturing into brand collaborations and establishing a significant presence on Instagram. In October 2020, she launched the mental health platform Lovd, reflecting her commitment to well-being.

While talking to Stellar, Nicole has expressed a desire to explore different aspects of reality TV, mentioning an interest in shows like ‘Master Chef.’ According to RSVP Live, this Irish lass had alleged relationships with Love Island USA‘s Cormac Murphy and Theo Campbell, but challenges related to distance and varying priorities led them to crumble apart. However, her dating experiences with individuals within the entertainment industry does reveal her preference for those who understand the dynamics of her profession.

Lydia Clyma and David Birtwistle Have Now Separated

Following their appearance on the show, Lydia Clyma and David Birtwistle decided to end their relationship. David subsequently participated in the Channel 4 dating show ‘The Love Trap’ in 2021 and later appeared on ‘Eating With My Ex’ in 2022. Post-show, David transitioned into the fitness industry, establishing himself as an online fitness coach with David Birtwistle Coaching. In a significant turn of events, he has since found love with a medical doctor and nutritionist named Hazel Wallace, and the couple got engaged in June 2023. They reportedly met in a bar. David continues to manage his business, Endeavour Life LTD, as the Chief Executive Officer. He has embraced various fitness challenges, such as running 50 km, and remains active in the fitness community.

Lydia Clyma, on the other hand, has embarked on extensive travel adventures since her time on the show. Since 2022, Lydia has been working as a Life, Relationship, and Dating Coach at Future Focus. Additionally, she has collaborated with Lounge Underwear, a prominent UK women’s clothing brand. In October 2020, Lydia underwent a meniscus transplant, showcasing her resilience. She is also a mother to her son, Isaiah, whom she shares with former boyfriend Lewis Warren, and balances her professional life with a focus on personal growth.

Kori Sampson is Now in a Happy Relationship

Kori Sampson, known for his involvement in the show, has continued his journey in the entertainment industry. In 2022, he appeared on ‘Eating With My Ex’ alongside Chloe Veitch. He has ventured into brand promotions, collaborations, and has even aligned himself with a modeling agency. Kori looks in a happy relationship and is dating Emily Hughes presently. He has started a Diet & Training Platform called Wake Up and Move. He actively shares fitness routines on YouTube, contributing to the fitness community.

Madison Wyborny is a Professional Model Today

Madison Wyborny expanded her portfolio by participating in the drama-thriller film ‘Throat’ in 2023. Moreover, she has since associated herself with a modeling agency, with the help of which she often uploads her aesthetic looks and brand promotions on Instagram. In fact, her modeling endeavors have included collaborations with several renowned brands over time, like Versace. We should also mention that The Daily Mail once reported she had a brief romantic involvement with Harry Jowsey in 2020, although neither party has confirmed nor denied these speculations.

Matthew Smith is Now Engaged

Matthew Smith got engaged to Kristie Sita in August 2023. He often expresses his love for her on social media. He shares insights into his life, including a winter trip to Denver and his commitment to sobriety for over 450 days. Matthew is publicly recognized for his role as Jesus Christ in a short film, ‘Hallelujah.’ He is also associated with Dream Katchers Enterprise, a multimedia company specializing in event planning and content creation.

Haley Cureton is Embracing The Joys of Motherhood Today

Haley Cureton is now in a relationship with producer Yung Kim. The couple celebrated the arrival of their first child, Joon Christopher Kim, in January 2024 and have since been dedicating all of themselves to their baby. Though since Hayley had long transitioned into a fashion influencer and digital creator, collaborating with the likes of Fashion Nova, she’s continuing down this path too. Haley is making her mark in the world of fashion and continues to share her journey as a new mom.

Bryce Hirschberg Continues To Run His Production Company

Bryce Hirschberg had actually developed a romantic connection with Nicole O’Brien post-show. However, they faced challenges in their long-distance relationship, resulting in them splitting up in May 2020. The former then appeared on MTV’s ‘Ex on the Beach’ season 5 with Nicole in 2022. But now, it seems like this filmmaker, writer, and producer is simply continuing to run his production company, Call It Pictures LLC, while engaging in brand collaborations. Moreover, he found love again in 2022, with a woman he affectionately calls his pumpkin.

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