Perfect Match Season 1: Where Are the Participants Now? Who Are Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Perfect Match‘ is a show meant for reality TV fans. Featuring some of our favorite television personalities as they try to find luck in the romance department. The ever-changing tides of the show provide viewers with the perfect blend of drama and entertainment, with each participant hoping to find their love match. The show has many admirers who are eager to know what the show’s cast is up to these days.

Georgia Hassarati and Dom Gabriel are on Amicable Terms Now

As the show’s winning couple, Georgia Hassarati and Dom Gabriel‘s fame has immensely skyrocketed. However, it does not seem like the two are dating each other anymore. In June 2022, the ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ participant seemingly started dating Harry Jowsey (‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 1). The couple apparently broke up in the fall of the same year but seem to have gotten back together in early 2023. In fact, Georgia and Harry were seen vacationing in Hawaii in February 2023. The latter recently posted a video on his TikTok account featuring Georgia and celebrating her reality TV win. It does not seem like Harry has any issues with the events from the show as he even replied, “Happy for them, they deserve it 💗” to one of the commentators of his TikTok video that celebrated Georgia’s victory.

While the relationship between Georgia and Dom did not pan out, they seem to be amicable. Presently, the latter seems focused on building his career and has gained much love from the public due to his television performance. ‘The Mole‘ star is part of the band called DØNTCALL and has more than 800 thousand followers on TikTok. Georgia also has quite a considerable fanbase and recently celebrated having 1 million Instagram followers.

Kariselle Snow and Joey Sasso’s Engagement Status Unknown

Kariselle Snow and Joey Sasso may not have won the Netflix series, but one can argue that their engagement was a reward. The couple’s history before the show was seemingly full of ups and downs, with the ‘Sexy Beasts‘ star doubting her partner’s intentions until the end before Joey went down on one knee. “I think there was probably a week left of filming when I was like, I think I’m going to ask this girl to marry me. Then once that thought was in my head, I’m like, I’m going to ask this girl to marry me,” Joey told Variety. “This is happening. This is what my heart was telling me, and I really wanted to follow that and see where that leads me.”

As for writing, Kariselle and Joey have not shared if they are still engaged though we highly believe that they are still with each other. Presently, the latter is looking forward to having his film released within the next few months. Additionally, the ‘The Circleseason 1 winner hopes to explore more fields like hosting and producing. Meanwhile, Kariselle works on furthering herself as a vocalist and has many songs on Spotify for fans to listen to.

Chloe Veitch and Shayne Jansen Not Following Each Other

Given the rollercoaster ride that Chloe Veitch and Shayne Jansen went through as a couple, fans worldwide have been heavily invested in their story. As of writing, they have not officially given an update regarding their relationship status. However, the fact that they are not following each other on Instagram may not be good news for those hoping for them to be together. Chloe (‘Too Hot to Handle‘ season 1/’The Circle’ season 2) seems to be thriving as a Model and Entertainment Star and has posed for many photoshoots.

Besides, Chloe’s recent trip to Disneyland has made many people speculate about whether or not she may be in the company of a special someone. Meanwhile, Shayne has thanked the fans for their continued support and continues to work as a Realtor for RNP Group Real Estate. Based in Chicago, Illinois, the ‘Love is Blind‘ season 2 cast member seems to have formed a good friendship with Dom Gabriel.

Izzy Fairthorne and Bartise Bowden Likely Not Together

Having been together for just a couple of days before the show’s final episode, Izzy Fairthorne’s (‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 3) and Bartise Bowden‘s (‘Love is Blind’ season 3) relationship status remains a subject of speculation. While the couple follows each other on Instagram, we do not think they are still together. Our belief stems from the fact that the star-studded dating show was produced in March 2022.

However, Bartise has also been seen in ‘Love is Blind’ season 3’s ‘After the Altar’ episodes, filmed in the fall of 2022. During this duration, it did not seem like he was in a relationship, so it is possible that he and Izzy broke up. Presently, the ‘Too Hot to Handle’ star works as a Personal Trainer for HIFitness, while Bartise is a Senior Analyst for VMG Health. Moreover, the former lives in Cheltenham, England, and the latter is based in Dallas, Texas.

Lauren “LC” Chamblin and Nick Uhlenhuth: No Update on Relationship

Due to the limited time that Lauren “LC” Chamblin (‘Love is Blind’ season 1) and Nick Uhlenhuth (‘The Circle’ season 3) were with each other in the show, viewers have been quite curious if this couple made it into the real world. While the duo is still on amicable terms, it does not seem like they are together, though they do not have any news regarding the same.

It has been speculated that Nick has grown closer to ‘The Bachelorette‘ star Katie Thurston, though even that had not been confirmed as of writing. Based in Austin, Texas, ‘The Circle’ contestant works as Senior Product Manager for Shoot 360. Meanwhile, LC lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and is a proud Voiceover Actor.

Francesca Farago is Dating Jesse Sullivan

Despite the numerous romantic prospects that Francesca Farago had in the Netflix dating series, she seems to have found love in the real world. Presently, the ‘Too Hot to Handle’ star is dating Jesse Sullivan, a TikTok sensation, and seem to be looking forward to what life brings next. The reality TV star recently shared that she was unhappy with the show’s rules as she was unaware that she would have to share a room with other men.

Francesca seems to have gained even more fame thanks to her various entertainment ventures. She presently has around 5.9 million Instagram followers and a TikTok fanbase that is 3.5 million strong. Additionally, she has a swimwear brand called Farago The Label, which prides itself in its ethical, sustainable, and biodegradable practices.

Damian Powers is Rumored with Maddie Gray

While Damian Powers‘ attempt to woo Francesca did not pan out, he seems to have moved on happily. Many have linked the reality TV star to fitness coach Maddie Gray though it is unclear if the rumors are true. Presently based in Atlanta, Georgia, Damian seems to have embraced the life of a Social Media Influencer and is known for sharing videos via Cameo. With just over 847 thousand Instagram followers, the ‘Love is Blind’ star has many people rooting for him.

Ines Tazi is Enjoying Her Single Life

Having built on her fame through her appearance in ‘The Circle France,’ Ines Tazi has become the beloved of the public, who were disheartened that she had not found a match on the show. The reality TV star has since not revealed if she has started dating anyone. Ines seems to have recently started a new chapter and looks forward to exploring what life brings her next. Based in Los Angeles, California, she works as a Model and often appears in photoshoots.

Mitchell Eason is Embracing Singlehood

‘The Circle’ season 2 star Mitchell Eason’s time with Chloe Veitch ended in the Netflix reality show, and the star seems to be enjoying the single life since then. A man of faith, the reality TV star keeps God close to his heart and is often known for sharing motivational posts. Since December 2019, Mitchell has worked as a Prudential Insurance Salesperson. As of writing, he lives in Los Angeles, California, and also takes up modeling projects.

Savannah Palacio is Voicing Her Opinions

Despite her brief participation in the Netflix show, Savannah Palacio stole the limelight with her personality and wit. Her on-screen rivalry with Francesca seems to have continued, and ‘The Circle’ season 2 star has not shied away from expressing her thoughts about the show’s events. Affiliated with Whalar and A3 Artists Agency, Savannah has a YouTube channel with over 27 thousand subscribers. From what we can tell, she is single and enjoying life to the fullest.

Abbey Humphreys is Exploring New Horizons

Despite her on-screen lousy luck in the romance department, Abbey Humphreys (‘Twentysomethings: Austin‘) seems to have embraced her life. Moreover, she has shared some of her thoughts regarding her recent Netflix appearance with her fans, who have been eager to learn what they can about the reality TV star. The travel enthusiast took a trip to the Netherlands last year and is always happy to share her travel photographs.

Chase DeMoor is Focused on Career and Fitness

Known for his participation in ‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 2, Chase DeMoor’s presence in ‘Perfect Match’ was enough to invoke a variety of feelings in the hearts of the viewers. No matter the opinion, it is undeniable that he helped the show become even more entertaining. The Professional Football Player seems to be single as of writing and is focused on his career as a Content Creator. Not just that, Chase is known for his boxing skills and is affiliated with Unruly Agency.

William “Will” Richardson is Advancing in Modeling

‘The Mole’ winner William “Will” Richardson does not currently seem to be dating anyone. Given his past with Dom Gabriel, the reality TV star’s presence in the show complicated matters. Nevertheless, Will’s fans were happy to see more of him on television and showered him with compliments. Presently, he works as a Model and Social Media Influencer and is known for his good looks and eye-catching physique.

Diamond Jack is Advocating for Others

Former NBA Dancer Diamond Jack delighted fellow cast members and viewers at home with her presence in the Netflix series. The ‘Love is Blind’ season 1 star now works alongside Charge Up Campaign and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. It is evident how much concern Diamond has for others, and she can often be seen encouraging people through her social media. Besides, she is pretty close to her mother, whom she adores very much.

Anne-Sophie Petit is Single and Successful in Real Estate

Selling Tampa‘ star Anne-Sophie Petit, or Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere, may have been a part of ‘Perfect Match’ for a brief period, but her impact on the show was just as profound as anyone else. Currently, it does not seem like the reality TV celebrity is in a relationship though fans are hopeful that she will soon find her match. Anne-Sophie continues to work with Allure Realty LLC as a Licensed Real Estate Professional and is always happy to share her accomplishments with her admirers through Instagram and LinkedIn.

Colony Reeves is Excelling in Real Estate

Colony Reeves‘ presence in the Netflix dating show quickly reminded fans why they love the career-driven and charismatic reality TV star. Thanks to her time on ‘Selling Tampa,’ she is no stranger to fame and is always happy to share her accomplishments with her followers. Colony continues to work as a Licensed Real Estate Agent for Allure Realty LLC and is always glad to spend time with friends, including her co-workers like Anne-Sophie Petit.

Zay Wilson is Pursuing Modeling and Basketball

Based in Los Angeles, Zay Wilson was undoubtedly disappointed not to have found a match in the Netflix show and that he had to leave the show after such a short time. As for writing, it does not seem like he has a partner, though we are sure that ‘The Ultimatumseason 1 cast member is hopeful regarding the same. Working as a Model, Zay has over 395 thousand Instagram followers and is affiliated with Elevate Agency. When not working, he can be seen enjoying himself with friends or destressing on the basketball court.

Calvin Kiing Crooks is Possibly in Relationship with Brooke Berry

Calvin Kiing Crooks may have been a part of ‘Perfect Match’ for just a few hours, but his fans were happy to see him on television. Nevertheless, things seem to have worked out well for ‘The Circle’ season 3 star, as he might be in a relationship with Brooke Berry. Based in Manchester, England, Calvin seems to be on good terms with many reality TV stars and even shared pictures with Sam Carmona, winner of ‘The Circle’ season 5.

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