Truth be Told Season 3 Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

Apple TV+’s ‘Truth be Told‘ is a crime-drama series based on the novel ‘Are You Sleeping‘ by Kathleen Barber. It follows Poppy (Octavia Spencer), a former investigative journalist turned true-crime podcaster who solves criminal cases in her city. In the third season, Poppy investigates the death of Drea Spivey, a teenager who is tied to a sex trafficking ring.

In the third episode, titled ‘Here She Shall See No Enemy,’ Poppy searches for new leads while Markus erupts from her daughter’s involvement in the sex tape scandal. Meanwhile, Poppy learns the truth about her parentage and Eva’s secret past. If you are looking to catch up on the episode’s events, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Truth be Told’ season 3 episode 3! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Truth be Told Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

The third episode, titled ‘Here She Shall See No Enemy,’ opens with Markus losing his cool after finding his daughter’s sex tape on Trey’s computer. Markus questions Rochelle and demands an explanation about the sex tapes. However, Trey is missing, and Rochelle refuses to give any answers. Therefore, Rochelle is arrested and taken into custody for further interrogation. Poppy comforts Markus and asks him to focus on his family until they can find any other leads.

Elsewhere, businessman Lee Hackman visits Poppy’s father, Leander “Shreve” Scoville, and invites him to a meeting. Although the men discuss bikes, it is implied that Hackman needs Shreve’s help in bringing his company, Quester’s operations, to Oakland, California. Meanwhile, Markus returns home and reveals the sex tape incident to his wife, Zarina. Zarina questions Trini, but Markus losses his patience and shouts at Trini for her callousness.

Later, Ames and Poppy discuss the approach to interrogate Rochelle. However, despite their attempts, Rochelle reveals nothing, claiming to be in love with Trey. At home, Poppy finds love letters written by a man named Alexander among her mother’s belongings. Eva meets Poppy and offers to introduce her to a counselor who works with at-risk young girls in hopes of finding answers from the girls working for Trey. Poppy learns about trauma bonds and befriends a prostitute named Coco.

Poppy follows the counselor’s advice and gets close to Coco, whose real name is Devon. She discovers that Devon has been emotionally manipulated into believing she is in love with Trey. However, Devon reveals she met Trey at a summer camp for underprivileged girls. Elsewhere, Markus confronts Trini’s boyfriend, Aubrey, about the sex tape. Aubrey admits to recording the video but denies knowing anyone named Trey. However, Markus loses his temper, and Ames is forced to take him away.

At the bar, Poppy meets Shreve and asks him about the letters written by Alexander. Shreve reveals that Alexander Troy was her mother, Elinor’s lover, before he met her. Shreve confirms that Alexander is Poppy’s biological father. However, Poppy fails to understand why her father forgave her mother even though she briefly left them to be with Alexander. Later, Eva has a date with Andrew Finney’s campaign manager. However, her friend, Vince, encourages Eva to tell Poppy the truth about her past.

Eva meets Poppy and reveals that she was a victim of sex trafficking when she was a teenager. A man offered to help with her mother’s green card if she gave out sexual favors. Poppy empathizes with Eva’s tragic past, but it remains unclear if the true-crime podcaster trusts the Principal. Ames continues searching for Emily Mills but cannot find any substantial leads in the case. Shreve meets Hackman and promises to help the businessman if he asks Finney to stop targeting Capstones and their activities in the town. Hackman and Shreve seemingly come to an agreement.

Truth be Told Season 3 Episode 3 Ending: Who Is Jimmy? Where Did Trini Go?

In the episode’s final moments, Poppy and Ames visit the summer camp where Trey used to work. The duo questions the campers and tries to find clues about Trey’s connection to the camp. However, the camp manager reveals that Trey is not a camper. However, when Poppy shows the camp manager a photograph of trey, he identifies the man as James Benjamin III, commonly known as Jimmy. The manager explains that Jimmy worked as a guidance counselor at the camp and had a strong bond with most kids. As a result, Poppy assumes trey used his connection to manipulate girls into working for him.

However, Poppy and Ames also discover that Trey and Aubrey are friends from the camp. Aubrey worked with Trey at the camp as a junior counselor. Trey was Aubrey’s mentor during the camp, implying they had a strong bond. Poppy immediately informs Markus bout Trey’s connection to Aubrey. Markus is livid with rage because Aubrey lied to him. Therefore, he goes to confront Trini. However, Markus discovers Trini is not in her room. Meanwhile, we see Trini and Aubrey driving away in a car.

While the young couple is in the backseat, Trey is driving them. The episode ends on a shocking cliffhanger, directly raising questions about Trini’s fate. Moreover, the ending implies that Trey and Aubrey are working together, and the latter is also involved in making sex videos. However, Trini is completely oblivious to Aubrey and Trini’s true nature. Her argument with Markus likely prompted Trini to run away from home. However, she directly finds herself in a dangerous situation, and Poppy and Markus will have to focus on retrieving her.

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