Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Never Take Your Eyes Off Her

AppleTV+’s ‘Truth Be Told‘ is a crime drama series presented in an anthology series, with each season revolving around a different murder mystery. In the third season, Poppy Scoville (Octavia Spencer) investigates the murder of Drea Spivey. As Poppy dives deeper into the mystery, she realizes that a sex trafficking ring is likely involved. However, in the fourth episode, titled ‘Never Take Your Eyes Off Her,’ Poppy is forced to divert her attention after her friend, Markus’ daughter, goes missing. If you are wondering whether Markus and Poppy find Trini, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Truth Be Told’ Season 3 episode 4! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

The fourth episode, titled ‘Never Take Your Eyes Off Her,’ opens with Markus, Zarina, and Poppy desperately searching for Trini after she eloped with her boyfriend, Aubrey. Poppy expresses the possibility that Aubrey has been grooming Trini. However, Markus and Zarina argue that they have raised Trini better, and she will eventually return home. Poppy teams with Eva to search for clues while Markus and Zarina search Trini’s room.

Poppy finds a gold chain with a crown piece in Aubrey’s school locker. On the other hand, Markus and Zarina find expensive jewelry and dresses among Trini’s stuff, gifted to her by Aubrey. Later, the Killebrew show Poppy sensual pictures of Trini clicked by Aubrey. Thus, Poppy is convinced that Aubrey groomed Trini. Poppy calls a meeting for her associates and assigns them search duties. However, when Shreve asks Poppy about her feelings after the revelation of her birth father, Poppy refuses to talk.

Poppy believes if Aubrey is involved with the sex trafficking ring, Trini might be in trouble. She wants to get through to Aubrey and Trini and encourage them to come home. Hence, Poppy suggests getting the news out through her podcast to help them find Trini. Zarina disagrees as it could ruin Trini’s future. However, Markus and Zarina reluctantly agree after Poppy promises to be vague and not mention Trini’s name in the podcast. Poppy drops the podcast episode and draws local attention to the case.

Zarina and Markus argue after Zarina blames Markus for pushing Trini away. Poppy talks to Eva about her experiences when she got involved in sex trafficking. However, Eva cleverly changes the topic and refuses to pursue any legal action against her trafficker. Meanwhile, they go through Aubrey’s social media and find a photograph of Aubrey with another guy wearing the same gold chain they found in Aubrey’s locker. Eva identifies the guy as Cooper, and Poppy calls Ames to find out more about gold chains.

Later, Poppy stops by Zarina’s house and consoles her. Poppy assures Zarina that she will do everything to bring Trini home. Poppy and Eva interrogate Cooper. After some hesitance, Cooper agrees to talk about Aubrey and Trey. He reveals that Trey gave them expensive gifts and took him and Aubrey under his wings. However, Trey expected the boys to groom high school girls so he could force them into trafficking. When Cooper tried to resist, Trey hurt him.

Elsewhere, Trey threatens to hurt Trini and Aubrey if the former does not do as she is told. It is implied that Trey is trying to pimp out Trini. However, Trini refuses to listen to Aubrey’s pleas and wants to go home. Trey intervenes and stops Trini. Meanwhile, Ames discovers that the gold chains were purchased by Alicia Rodrigues, who works for Andrew Finney.

Poppy suspects that Finey is involved in sex trafficking. Her suspicion is confirmed after Eva admits that Finney was her trafficker when she was younger. As a result, Poppy realizes Trini is in imminent danger and scrambles to search for a location. Eva attends the fundraiser and sends texts to Alicia, implying she is hiding something from Poppy. At a fundraiser for Mayoral candidate Andrew Finney, Shreve cleverly forces Lee Ackerman to offer his support for Trini’s search. However, Lee warns Shreve not to play games with him again.

Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 4 Ending: Is Trey Dead?

In the episode’s final moments, Poppy finds the location of the house where Trey is hiding with Trini and Aubrey. Poppy informs Markus, and the two arrive at the home. Meanwhile, Ames and his partner are involved in the investigation of Emily Mills’ disappearance. However, after Poppy informs them of the location, the cops arrive outside the house. However, by the time Ames and his partner reach, Poppy and Markus have already entered and started searching for Trini.

Markus spots Trey and chases after him. On the other hand, Poppy discovers a drawing of an infinity symbol and clicks pictures of it. Meanwhile, Trey evades Markus but runs into Ames’ partner. Shots are fired, and Markus rushes to the driveway. He finds that Trey has been shot and dies from the wound. The cop claims that Trey tries to shoot him, and he is fired in self-defense. Nonetheless, Trey’s death means that Trini is still missing, and Markus and Poppy have lost all the progress they made in the investigation.

Trey’s death also implies that there is a bigger mastermind behind the sex trafficking ring. The episode suggests that the sex trafficking ring goes as far up the food chain as Andrew Finney and Lee Ackerman. Hence, it is likely that Trey’s death wasn’t an accident. He could have been killed as a part of a plan to protect the powerful faces involved in the heinous crimes. Hence, Poppy, Markus, and Ames will have to investigate carefully.

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