Tulsa King Episode 2 Recap: Center of the Universe

‘Tulsa King’ on Paramount+ is a crime drama series from ‘Yellowstone’ co-creator Taylor Sheridan. The Sylvester Stallone starer follows Dwight “The General” Manfredi, a New York mafia capo expanding the mob’s influence in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dwight’s arrival in the small town sets him on course for new challenges while contemplating the possibility of redemption.

The second episode, titled ‘Center of the Universe,’ quickly exposes Dwight’s emotional vulnerabilities and the implications of his dark past. Meanwhile, Dwight continues his pragmatic approach to getting a foothold in the new town and tries to build business relations that will help in the future. Therefore, viewers must be wondering how Dwight’s quest pans out. In that case, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Tulsa King’ episode 2! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Tulsa King Episode 2 Recap

The second episode, titled ‘Center of the Universe,’ opens with Dwight searching for the contact information of his daughter, Christina. However, he refrains from contacting her. Later, Dwight sends a package with his earnings from the marijuana business to the Invernizzi crime family in New York. However, he learns he cannot keep running his lifestyle on cash and should get a credit card. Tyson explains to Dwight that he will have to show his income statements to get a credit. Given that Dwight is a criminal, he could get into trouble trying to get a legal credit card. Therefore, Tyson suggests he opt for a debit card.

While opening a new bank account, Dwight discovers that his driver’s license is expired. However, he settles for a training license and obtains his debit card. Later, Dwight visits the Center of the Universe, a vocal blindspot in the town where citizens often come to share their personal feelings and thoughts. Dwight visits Bohdi and asks him to set up a meeting with his marijuana supplier, Jimmy. As a result, Dwight, Bohdi, and Tyson arrive at Jimmy’s farm to negotiate a better price for their business. During the conversation, Dwight identifies the weak spot in Jimmy’s business plan and forces him to agree to their terms.

Dwight, Bohdi, and Tyson decide to celebrate the successful deal. Meanwhile, Don Charles “Chickie” Invernizzi informs Dwight that his attack on Vince Antonacci, a capo in the Invernizzi crime family, has caused a major issue. Therefore, Dwight must apologize to Vince by paying $100,000. Despite the audacious demand, Dwight agrees to pay the money and bury the hatched. On the other hand, Stacy visits Dwight and informs him that she is a police officer. She also warns Dwight that she won’t be able to help him if he falls into any legal trouble.

At the Fennario Ranch, owner Armand “Manny” Truisi is concerned about Dwight’s arrival in Tulsa. It is implied that he shares a past with Dwight, and things likely did not end well between the duo. Dwight shows Tyson and Bohdi the house of Mickey Mantle, his childhood hero. Later, the trio visits Mitch’s bar, where Dwight laments his complicated relationship with his father. Dwight and Mitch’s conversation proves therapeutic to both the patron and the bartender. Manny confirms that Dwight is in the town and starts fearing for his life. Ultimately, Dwight returns home and contemplates fixing his relationship with his daughter.

Tulsa King Episode 2 Ending: Does Dwight Meet His Daughter?

The episode’s final moments see Dwight returning to his hotel room. He finds the contact information of his daughter lying on his desk. Dwight wonders if he should call Christina and speak to his daughter. The mafia capo became estranged from his daughter after he was imprisoned for the crimes of his boss. Dwight hasn’t spoken to his daughter in nearly 25 years and has no clue about her state of life. Therefore, he wonders if reconnecting with Christina would only harm her further.

Nonetheless, Dwight decides to call Christina. However, his daughter’s husband answers the phone. Dwight speaks with Christina’s husband and learns that his daughter is happily married. Moreover, the couple also has children, making Dwight a grandfather. However, Dwight’s joy is short-lived as Christina refuses to speak with him. Dwight requests to hear Christina’s voice. As a result, Christina answers the phone. However, when Dwight asks her to meet, she turns him down and ends the call. Hence, it is evident that Christina wants nothing to do with her father. Therefore, Dwight is disheartened and becomes depressed.

Ultimately, Dwight walks around the town to deal with his sadness. He goes to the Center of the Universe and finally confronts his true feelings about his daughter. Dwight accepts that he wasn’t staying away from Christina because his presence would aggravate feelings from her past. Instead, he was afraid of getting hurt himself. Thus, Dwight accepts that he knows Christina will refuse to reconnect with him. Given Dwight’s past and continued association with crime, it is unlikely that Dwight will get to reconcile with Christina anytime soon.

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