Twisted Metal: Do John and Quiet End Up Together? Theories

Peacock’s ‘Twisted Metal’ is an action-comedy series based on the video game franchise of the same name. It revolves around John Doe, a milkman with amnesia who travels across the post-apocalyptic wastelands to complete a delivery. On his journey, John meets Quiet, a car thief with her own mysterious agenda. John and Quiet form a complicated dynamic with romance undertones. As a result, viewers must be curious to learn if John and Quiet end up together in ‘Twisted Metal.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

John and Quiet Become Unlikely Allies

John Doe is the main character of ‘Twisted Metal’ and actor Anthony Mackie (‘Altered Carbon‘) essays the role. John is a milkman assigned to retrieve a package from New Chicago and deliver it to New San Francisco. In the process, he runs into Quiet, a young woman whose brother was killed by Agent Stone. In the series, actress Stephanie Beatriz (‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘) plays the role of Quiet. However, they quickly form an antagonistic relationship as Quiet tries to trick John, leading him into trouble more than once. After making a supply run for Granny Dredd, the duo start working together and form a truce.

Eventually, John retrieves the package with Quiet’s help, but the latter leaves him to exact revenge on Agent Stone. However, John arrives to rescue Quiet moments before Agent Stone kills her. John convinces Quiet to give up her quest for revenge, and they become partners in his assignment. Meanwhile, Quiet and John also develop romantic feelings for each other and hook up. Later, John’s car is stolen by the Holy Men, leading to an argument between John and Quiet. When John decides to fight the Holy Men to save his car instead of fleeing with the package and completing his delivery, Quiet leaves him. However, John finds Quiet with Watts’ help, and the couple reunites with John, apologizing for his actions.

John and Quiet Are Forced to Seperate

In the finale, John and Quiet race against time to reach New San Francisco and complete the delivery. They are helped by Watts and Amber, who guide them to a hole in Agent Stone’s barricade, leading them directly to their destination. However, it is a trap set up by Agent Stone to capture John and Quiet. A demolition derby ensues, with Sweet Tooth also joining the fight. In the aftermath of the carnage, John and Quiet defeat Agent Stone and escape, arriving outside New San Francisco. While John completes the delivery in time, COO Raven refuses to let Quiet enter the city.

John tries to leave their deal, but Quiet forces him to accept the reward, forcing the couple to part ways. Ultimately, John and Quiet are forced to go their own ways and do not end up together. However, the ending confirms that John and Quiet are truly in love with each other. Although John and Quiet never learn each other’s names, it becomes a metaphor for the duo finding a home in each other’s presence. Nonetheless, John’s plan to reunite with Quiet is squashed by Raven, who reveals the delivery was a test. She hires John to drive for her in the upcoming tournament organized by the mysterious Calypso. However, the first season ends with the door open for John and Quiet to reunite in the future and resume their romance.

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