Twisted Metal: Where Was the Comedy Series Filmed?

Image Credit: Skip Bolen/Peacock

Based on the popular eponymous video game franchise published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Peacock’s ‘Twisted Metal’ is a post-apocalyptic actioncomedy series that centers upon a motor-mouthed milkman named John Doe, who suffers from amnesia and is assigned a mission to deliver a cryptic package while traversing the ruined wasteland of the desolate world if he wishes to stay alive. With the assistance of an axe-wielding car thief named Quiet, he survives attacks from the savage marauders on vehicles of destruction and other dangers on the post-apocalyptic world’s open road.

As he is given a chance at a better future, he does everything he can to secure it. Developed by Michael Jonathan Smith, the show stars Anthony Mackie, Stephanie Beatriz, Thomas Haden Church, Will Arnett, Richard Cabral, and Samoa Joe and unfolds in a ruined world, making one wonder where ‘Twisted Metal’ is filmed. If you are one such curious soul, allow us to fill you in on all the details!

Twisted Metal Filming Locations

‘Twisted Metal’ is filmed in Louisiana, particularly in New Orleans and LaPlace. According to reports, principal photography for the debut season of the action comedy series commenced in May 2022 and wrapped up in late August or early September of the same year. Now, without much ado, let’s traverse the ruined landscape and find out all the specific locations that feature in the Peacock series!

New Orleans, Louisiana

A significant chunk of ‘Twisted Metal’ is taped in and around the consolidated city-parish of New Orleans, which has a distinct vibe to it mainly due to its multilingual and cross-cultural heritage. Some key scenes for the show are reportedly lensed in the Lakeshore/Lake Vista neighborhood. As the shooting for season 1 took place in the summer, the filming unit faced some challenges, such as delays, lightning, hurricane threats, and extreme heat.

During a conversation with Rolling Stone in June 2023, Anthony Mackie was asked how much of the shooting for the series was done practically. He replied, “…(A lot) of the aspects of this show were done practically. We had a mall scene, so we went and found a closed-down mall, and we hauled ass through a mall. It was great because it was (in) New Orleans that we shot. We had a lot of spaces and a lot of places that look like they were post-apocalyptic that we were able to use and identify as our locations.”

Anthony expanded, “And then we just had the spoil of having so many different places to shoot. But a lot of the things [were] shot practically, and just whatever we needed (was) CGI’d. We didn’t have a real machine gun, but all the stuff around the machine guns is real.” Besides ‘Twisted Metal,’ New Orleans has hosted the production of several movies and TV shows over the years. Some notable ones are ‘Jurassic World,’ ‘Baby Driver,’ ‘American Made,’ ‘21 Jump Street,’ and ‘True Lies.’

LaPlace, Louisiana

The census-designated place of LaPlace in St. John the Baptist Parish in Louisiana serves as yet another prominent filming site for ‘Twisted Metal.’ The filming unit seemingly utilized the interior and exterior areas of LaPlace to record several scenes on location. Its locales feature in a few other productions, such as ‘We Have a Ghost,’ ‘Wild Oats,’ and ‘Walkaway Joe.’

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