Twisted Metal Ending, Explained: Do John and Quiet Complete the Delivery?

Peacock’s ‘Twisted Metal’ is an action-comedy series starring Anthony Mackie (‘Altered Carbon‘) and Stephanie Beatriz (‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘) in the lead roles. It is based on the video game franchise of the same name and developed for television by Michael Jonathan Smith. It follows amnesic milkman John Doe, who undertakes a risky delivery assignment hoping to escape the brutality of life in the post-apocalyptic wastelands. However, John must deal with a horde of interesting characters and overcome dangerous obstacles and personal reservations to complete his quest. The first season ends with major revelations about John’s past and a future event that will undoubtedly drag the milkman back into conflict. If you are wondering about John’s fate, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Twisted Metal’ season 1! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Twisted Metal Recap

In a dystopian future, a mysterious incident wiped out digital technology leading to the Fall of society. The world transformed into a collection of barricaded cities with criminals thrown outside. The ones living inside the cities are called Insiders, while the Outsiders fight for survival and whatever resources are accessible. In these post-apocalyptic wastelands, John Doe is a talkative milkman with amnesia who does supply runs delivering packages between the cities. Raven, the COO of New San Francisco, hires John for a dangerous mission. John must retrieve a package from New Chicago and deliver it to Raven in ten days. In exchange, Raven promises John a place in the city and a happy retired life.

John accepts the assignment and sets out to complete the delivery. Meanwhile, a young car thief and her brother Adrian are attacked by Agent Stone, a lawman who patrols the checkposts near the dam and considers it his responsibility to deliver justice in the brutal and unfair streets. Agent Stone kills Adrian and brands his sister, who encounters John. After the thief refuses to speak, John names her “Quiet,” and they are soon captured by Sweet Tooth, a serial killing clown who craves fan appreciation. John and Quiet save their lives by watching Sweet Tooth’s performance and delivering an honest review.

On the road, John and Quiet continue to bicker but form a friendship after completing a supply run for Granny Dredd, who controls a convoy of trucks constantly moving around. John and Quiet continue to overcome obstacle after obstacle, but Quiet is motivated by revenge as she wants to kill Agent Stone for her brother’s death. Flashbacks reveal that Quiet and her brother were forced into slavery when they tried to enter a city. On the other hand, John woke up with amnesia in a car when he was roughly eleven years old and did not remember his real name. Eventually, John persuades Quiet to give up her quest for revenge and complete the delivery with him, earning a place in the city and retiring to a life of peace. However, when the Holy Men steal John’s beloved car, he abandons Quiet to save it.

Twisted Metal Ending: Do John and Quiet Complete the Delivery?

In the finale, John and Quiet reconcile after reuniting and race against time to complete the delivery. However, Agent Stone controls several checkposts on the road to New San Francisco. As a result, John and Quiet face an uphill battle in completing their quest. The duo receives some help from Watts and Amber, who take over Granny’s convoy. The duo leads John and Quiet to a hole in Agent Stone’s barricade, leading to a shortcut. However, it turns out to be a trap, and Agent Stone’s forces attack John and his allies. Sweet Tooth also shows up to the demolition derby after Agent Stone killed his fan club.

Ultimately, John and Quiet succeed in escaping the vehicular combat’s carnage. However, Quiet decides to put an end to Agent Stone’s tyranny. John and Quiet team up to end Agent Stone’s reign and leave him with the choice of dying by succumbing to his injuries or suicide. Agent Stone shoots himself while John and Quiet drive off to New San Francisco and complete the delivery just in the nick of time. However, Raven refuses to allow Quiet entry into the city, claiming that her original deal with John only applies to him. Quiet forces John to accept his reward and retire in the city while she heads off on a new adventure. The final moments reveal the truth about John’s past and Raven’s true motives behind hiring him.

What Is Inside the Package? What Is John’s New Job?

After John begins a new life in New San Francisco, he quickly becomes tired of the mundane lifestyle in the city. Meanwhile, it is revealed that John risked his life for the top-secret package containing ice cream. However, Raven explains that it was a test to measure John’s skills. When John decides to leave the city in search of Quiet, Raven takes him to a home. She explains that John was born in the house and lived with his family until the Fall. She also gives him photographs that bring back some of John’s memories.

Raven promises John answers about his past if he stays in the city and accepts his new job. However, when John refuses the offer, Raven threatens him and forces John to accept. Raven explains that the mission she assigned John was merely a test for a much larger event to come. The mysterious Calypso, whom John briefly interacted with while retrieving Raven’s package, is organizing a tournament. The deadly and devastating tournament will bring together some of the most talented drivers in a vehicular combat tournament. Moreover, the winner will have one of their wishes granted without any conditions. Raven wants John to represent her city in the tournament.

The episode’s closing moments also show a montage of Calypso arranging a tournament bracket of contestants. It includes the photos of Watts/Twister, The Preacher, and John’s ex-girlfriend, Mary, among others. Thus, the first season starts by deviating from the lore of video games. It only features a single extensive sequence of vehicular combat resembling the demolition derby format of the games. However, the finale’s final moments align the series with its source material. Calypso, the mastermind behind the tournament, is revealed as a sinister and menacing presence who has been pulling the strings behind the scenes. The show’s first season has a mostly grounded tone, but the introduction of Calypso suggests that the second season could embrace the supernatural and over-the-top elements of the video game franchise.

What Happens to Quiet? Who Does She Meet?

After Quiet leaves John at the city entrance, she goes her own way. Quiet fights against the oppressive system created by the cities by embracing the role of a Vulture. She travels from checkpost to checkpost and attacks Milkmen on supply runs between cities. Quiet steals resources from them and distributes them among the homeless Outsiders. Meanwhile, John learns that he lived with his family, including a younger sister, until he developed amnesia caused by a car accident during the Fall. John is offered and then forced to accept his new role as a driver in Calypso’s upcoming tournament.

On the other hand, Quiet continues her crusade using “Roadkill,” the car she and John crafted on the convoy and used to complete their delivery run. However, Quiet is interrupted by the sudden arrival of a mysterious young woman wearing a doll mask. A horde of women dressed similarly surrounds her. The final scene sees the woman asking Quiet about her brother’s whereabouts before revealing she is talking about John. Thus, the final scene introduces the character of Dollface, one of the most menacing and recognizable characters from the video game franchise. However, by tying Dollface’s story with John, the series alters her backstory significantly.

Moreover, it provides insight into John’s real identity, as he might not be an original character. Instead, the ending heavily implies that John could be a variation of Marcus Kane, the driver of Roadkill from the games and one of the most important characters in the source material. Nonetheless, the closing moments also set up a conflict between Quiet and Dollface which could lead to the former’s involvement in the upcoming tournament, reuniting Quiet with John. Lastly, the post-credits scene confirms that Sweet Tooth survived the carnage of Agent Stone’s demolition derby, and the game mascot will return for a potential second season.

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