Update on All33 From Shark Tank

Since its inception in August 2009, ‘Shark Tank’ has been a unique reality television series that gives up-and-coming entrepreneurs a fair chance to pitch their ideas to business magnates like Robert HerjavecKevin O’LearyDaymond John, and Barbara Corcoran. With a sharp rise in work-from-home jobs and those that require long hours of sitting, investing in an ergonomics office chair has become a necessity instead of a luxury. Let’s closely follow the growth of All33 or The BackStrong Chair since its appearance on ABC’s hit show!

All33: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Bing Howenstein is an established entrepreneur and CEO of Simtec, LLC (state-of-the-art Sit-in-Motion Technology), the company that manufactures, advertises, and distributes the luxury ergonomics chair. Designed by professional chiropractors like the world-famous Dr. Dennis Colonello and industrial designer Jim Grove, the BackStrong C1 is built to optimize human well-being and overall work performance. It is “the first and only” chair that claims to relieve crucial pressure points with its “bottom-up” and patented Sit-in-Motion technology.

As the name suggests, All33 aims to provide the “perfect posture” for all 33 vertebrae that form the spinal column. Simtec, LLC claims that its chair is “green” and this is not a reference to the color but its eco-friendly design. In contrast to the conventional office chairs that have to be dumped over time because of their shabby cushions, the “modular” construct of All33 allows the consumers to individually replace the seating or any other worn-out part, which are 100% recyclable.

In addition to the facility being pocket-friendly, it also benefits the environment by not adding to the heaps of waste. Available in several color combinations like red and black, white and black, etc., the BackStrong C1 is not the product of an impulsive idea or an overnight manufacturing miracle. In fact, it is the result of years of hit and trial, more than 15 prototypes, and 1000+ patients trying each version. The chair, with foldaway arms, is also made with good quality fabric as well as gorgeous looking vegan leather, which is more durable and less creaky than animal leather.

All33: Where Are They Now?

Simtec, LLC started the social media promotions of All33 with a solid idea: by tagging it as the ideal Father’s Day gift and adding 10% off for the occasion. With its unique utility and distinguished marketing strategy, the company is undoubtedly growing in leaps and bounds. All33 has also kept its advertising game strong by listing on its official website several celebrities, athletes, and doctors, like Paula Abdul, Dr. Travis Stork, Cindy Crawford, to name a few, who vouch for its posture correcting technology.


This would not come as a surprise for those who watched ‘Shark Tank’ as the ultra-popular singer Justin Bieber slid while sitting on the luxury ergonomics chair. In addition to the chair, it also launched “Smooth & Move,” doctor-formulated pain relief cream in July 2020. Since pitching their unique product to the “Sharks,” All33 has broken its sales records within a matter of months. The company is also gearing up to launch sundry new products in 2021, with its manufacturing in the USA.

It is surely a great investment (a tad bit expensive one!) for those who spend hours sitting for a job. The BackStrong Chair also bears great utility for the gamers as it allows natural movement of the pelvis and back stimulating circulation as well as a 360-degree swivel with smooth-rolling casters. All33 recently partnered with Immortals Gaming Club to make it the official gaming chair of IGC.

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