Was Rowdy Beth’s Boyfriend in Yellowstone? Where is He Now?

The fifth season of Paramount Network’s ‘Yellowstone‘ continues to expand the story of the titular ranch. Season 5 sees John Dutton becoming the Governor of Montana, but other storylines also receive much-needed attention. The series cleverly uses flashbacks to add a new dimension to Rip and Beth’s relationship by introducing a handsome new cowboy named Rowdy. Moreover, his past involvement with Beth raises some serious questions about his present whereabouts. If you are looking for answers about Rowdy and his place in the narrative of ‘Yellowstone,’ here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Introduction of Rowdy in Yellowstone

Rowdy is introduced in the fifth season premiere of ‘Yellowstone,’ titled ‘One Hundred Years is Nothing.’ He is a cowboy who works on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch and appears in a flashback sequence during the episode. The scene features Young Rip and Young Beth planning their first date shortly before Beth is slated to move away to attend college and get a degree in finance. Rowdy is one of the ranch hands present in the bunkhouse while Rip prepares for the date and gives Rip some friendly advice. Rip and Beth’s date turns into a disaster, and Rip is forced to find his way back to the ranch.

Rowdy and the ranch hands arrive in town for a drink at the same bar and run into Rip. Rowdy gives Rip his truck to return to the ranch. Later, Beth returns to the ranch and hangs out with Rowdy. She makes out with Rowdy and romances Rowdy in front of Rip. In the present, Beth clarifies that she hooked up with Rowdy to spite Rip. Moreover, shortly after the incident, Beth moved away to attend college. Hence, it is safe to assume that Beth hooked up with Rowdy and did not have a romantic relationship. As a result, Rowdy most likely wasn’t Beth’s boyfriend.

What Happened to Rowdy?

Rowdy appears in the flashback sequence, and his presence on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch is a major revelation for viewers. In previous seasons, viewers have seen Young Rip’s early days on the ranch and his interactions with the Duttons. With John Dutton’s help, Rip buries his dark past and creates a new life for himself in Montana. Lloyd is one of Rip’s guides and best friends on the ranch. However, the flashback in the fifth season premiere hints at a brotherly bond between Rowdy and Young Rip. Hence, the question about Rowdy’s present whereabouts arises.

In the series, actor Kai Caster essays the role of Rowdy starting in the fifth season. Caster is known for his performance as Dirk Bennett in the drama show ‘The Baxters.’ His other credits include shows such as ‘American Horror Story‘ and ‘House of Lies.’ Caster also appears in the second season of ‘Yellowstone.’ He portrays Young Kayce in the second episode of season 2, titled ‘New Beginnings.’ Caster has been cast in a recurring capacity for the fifth season, meaning we will likely see more of Rowdy in the upcoming episodes. Given the constant slew of conflicts that the Yellowstone Ranch faces, it is likely that Rowdy was killed in action. On the other hand, he could have been kicked off the ranch after John learned about his hookup with Beth. Viewers must stay tuned to learn more about Rowdy’s fate in the series.

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