Is Eden Brolin’s Mia Leaving Yellowstone? Will She Return in Season 5?

Yellowstone‘ season 4 has the difficult task of juggling various storylines. As the season draws to a close, not all storylines are completely resolved and raise questions over the futures of some of the characters. One such character with an uncertain fate at the end of ‘Yellowstone’ season 4 is Eden Brolin’s Mia. If you are wondering about what happens to Mia in the season 4 finale and whether the developments will affect Brolin’s time on the show, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything we know about the future of Eden Brolin’s Mia on ‘Yellowstone.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happens to Mia in Yellowstone?

In ‘Yellowstone’ season 4, Mia helps Jimmy recover from his injury. However, after Jimmy returns to the Yellowstone Ranch, John sends the ranch hand to Texas. The situation creates tension among the couple. Jimmy is forced to depart for Texas without clearly discussing his future with Mia. Soon after, Mia leaves the ranch and searches for her own path.

In Texas, Jimmy meets Emily, and the two begin dating. Jimmy’s time in Texas also comes to an end, and he asks Emily to accompany him on his return to the Yellowstone Ranch. When the couple arrives at the bunkhouse, Mia is surprisingly present there. Jimmy introduces Emily as his fiance. Mia is enraged and attacks Emily. After the fight breaks down, Jimmy and Mia argue outside. Mia asks Jimmy to choose between her and Emily. The season finale ends with Jimmy heading back to Texas with Emily. Mia waits outside for Jimmy to speak with her before he leaves. Jimmy doesn’t stop, confirming that he has moved on from Mia.

Is Eden Brolin Leaving Yellowstone?

The fourth season ends without giving any indication about Mia’s future. Since her storyline was so closely tied to Jimmy until now, it is uncertain whether the character has a place in the show anymore. Moreover, since Mia has quit her job at the Yellowstone Ranch, there is no reason for the narrative to focus on Mia. The situation could, in turn, result in actress Eden Brolin exiting the series. The actress is yet to make an official comment on the matter. Therefore, fans can hold on to the hope of seeing Mia again.

There is no telling whether Brolin will return for a potential fifth season of the show. Brolin is only a recurring cast member. Therefore it won’t be difficult for the makers to write off the character between seasons if Mia has served the narrative purpose. On the other hand, Mia is still a part of the Yellowstone family even if she might have quit the ranch. Therefore, Brolin might continue appearing on the series after all.

The actress also has a couple of other projects in the pipeline. Hence, Brolin’s return for season 5 might also be subject to her availability. In the fourth season alone, we have seen supporting characters such as Christina and Avery returning to fold after being absent for a long duration. Therefore, even if Brolin’s Mia skips a season, there is the possibility of a return down the road.

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