What is Glan Tai in Peacemaker? What’s the Yellow Substance?

As the narrative of ‘Peacemaker’ progresses, viewers and the characters learn more about the parasitic alien creatures known as Butterflies. Peacemaker and his subordinates are working on Project Butterfly, which entails curbing the aliens’ hostile and covet takeover of humanity. In the fifth episode of the series, the team gets another step closer to uncovering the extraterrestrial conspiracy after investigating a place known as Glan Tai. At this place, Peacemaker and his associates also find bottles of a gooey yellow substance in large quantities. If you need some clarification about Glan Tai and its activities, here’s everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What is Glan Tai?

Glan Tai is first mentioned in the third episode of ‘Peacemaker.’ In the episode, the team is on a mission to assassinate suspected butterfly Senator Goff and his family. Although Goff’s family members are killed, Goff survives. His bodyguard, Judomaster, attacks the team and beats Peacemaker and Vigilante. Judomaster captures Peacemaker and Vigilante and ties them up in the basement. Goff instructs Judomaster to explain the situation to their associates at Glan Tai. However, before Judomaster can head to Glan Tai, he is run over by ARGUS Agent John Economos.

Later, Adebayo realizes that Annie, the woman who attacked Peacemaker, worked at Glan Tai. She connects Glan Tai to Goff, and the trail becomes clear. In the fifth episode, Murn tasks the team with investigating Glan Tai. When they arrive at the location, the group finds a factory with a manufacturing plant. Glan Tai is a bottling company situated in Evergreen, Washington DC. The company is neither based on any real organization nor has a direct DC Comics counterpart. Therefore it is safe to call it an original creation for the series. As per the details on the company’s visiting card, Glan Tai Bottling Company was established in 1979 and is located at 334 Production Way, Little Cork, in Washington DC.

What’s the Yellow Substance?

At Glan Tai, Agent Harcourt and Vigilante discover that the Butterflies are mass producing a yellow sticky substance. This substance is being bottled into jars and prepared for shipping. There are nearly thousands of boxes containing jars filled with a yellow substance. Viewers will recognize the substance as the same one which the Butterflies consume. The yellow substance seems to be providing nourishment to the Butterflies and helps them control their human hosts. Thus, it is safe to call the yellow substance the Butterflies’ food.

Earlier in the episode, Peacemaker feeds the butterfly in his possession a similar substance. At the end of the episode, Murn also confirms that the yellow substance in the jar is the Butterflies’ food. The fluid’s genetic material is drastically different from anything on the planet, thus confirming the Butterflies’ extraterrestrial nature. The yellow liquid is also the Butterflies’ only source of nourishment. Therefore, Glan Tai is the Butterflies’ main supply and distribution hub of the yellow fluid. In the end, Peacemaker and his team destroy a small portion of the Butterflies’ stash of food and manage to get some samples for testing. Therefore, we will likely learn more about the Butterflies’ origin through this fluid in the coming episodes.

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