What is GoJo in Succession, Explained

Image Credit: Graeme Hunter/HBO

HBO’s ‘Succession‘ season 4 explores the complex landscape of corporate businesses that the Roys must navigate to keep their company at the top of the business world. In the show’s fourth and final season, GoJo becomes a major player in the narrative and drastically changes the landscape for Kendall Roy, who is tasked with running the company. As the tug of war between Waystar RoyCo and GoJo escalates in the fourth season, viewers must be curious to learn more about GoJo and its services in ‘Succession.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

GoJo Is a Streaming Service

In ‘Succession,’ GoJo is first introduced in the third season when Waystar RoyCo is facing a legal investigation from the Department of Justice. Amidst the investigation, Waystar is unable to compete with the Big Tech companies. As a result, Waystar RoyCo’s market cap is reducing, and it could drastically affect the company’s financial future. Meanwhile, the company’s streaming service, StarGO, is seen as a joke in the tech space. As a result, Roman Roy, the son of Waystar CEO Logan Roy, suggests that the company acquire GoJo, a streaming platform that has become one of the top players in the game.

Image Credit: David Russell/HBO

In the series, GoJo is the brainchild of Swedish tech giant Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgård), who is also the company’s CEO. Gojo has quickly emerged as a leader in the streaming media space, making it a valuable asset for any conglomerate’s portfolio. Moreover, with Waystar’s own streaming service unable to compete with the big players, Roman successfully convinces Logan to buy GoJo. However, not much is known about GoJo’s exact nature as a streaming platform or the kind of service/content it offers its subscribers. It is stated that GoJo also owns sports betting and social media platforms. Nonetheless, given the hype around GoJo and its strong market cap, it is safe to say that the streamer is the show’s version of platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. However, since GoJo is a Swedish company, it is a primarily fictional creation within the show and doesn’t have a direct real-world counterpart.

Will Waystar Acquire GoJo?

The back half of the third season sees Logan Roy trying to acquire GoJo. He meets with the company CEO, Lukas Matsson, to discuss a potential deal for purchasing GoJo. However, after the heavy fines imposed by the DOJ on Waystar, the company’s market cap and valuation decreased, affecting their ability to buy GoJo. Consequently, Matsson makes a move to acquire Waystar and wishes to add several of the company’s highly valuable businesses under the GoJo brand. In the fourth season, the deal between Logan and Matsson gets affected when Logan dies while traveling on a plane to Norway to meet Matsson. As a result, the deal’s future remains uncertain until Waystar appoints a new CEO.

Image Credit: Graeme Hunter/HBO

Logan’s sons, Kendall and Roman, are made the co-CEOs of the company under the condition that they steer the ship until the sale of Waystar RoyCo is finalized. However, following a retreat in Sweden with Matsson and his team, Kendall decides to tank the deal and wants to continue running Waystar. Subsequently, he forced Matsson to overpay for the company, hoping the Swedish billionaire would bow out from the proposed deal. Kendall also discovers that GoJo’s subscriber count in India is highly exaggerated, affecting their stock and cash offer to purchase Waystar. As a result, the board will almost certainly reject GoJo’s offer. Consequently, Kendall plans to use the newfound information to force Matsson into selling GoJo to Waystar RoyCo. Thus, Kendall reopens the possibility of Waystar acquiring GoJo as his father originally intended.

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