What Is the Adrian Republic in JUNG_E? What Is Kronoid? Explained

Netflix’s ‘JUNG_E’ is a science-fiction thriller film written and directed by Yeon Sang-ho (‘Hellbound‘). The South Korean film is set in the 22nd century and revolves around humanity’s efforts to create advanced robots that will help turn the tide of an ongoing war. The robots are powered by an AI modeled after Captain Yun Jung-Yi, a legendary mercenary who nearly ended the war. In the war, Adrian Republic and Kronoid are important pillars who directly influence Jung-Yi’s story. If you are looking for more details about the role of the Adrian Republic and Kronoid in ‘JUNG_E,’ here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Adrian Republic: The Birth of a Nation

In ‘JUNG_E,’ rapid climate change has forced humanity to seek refuge in space. Humans have built space colonies between the earth and the moon’s orbital planes. These colonies are known as shelters and are humanity’s hope of surviving after the earth becomes completely uninhabitable. However, in the 22nd century, Shelters No. 8, 12, and 13 rises in a separatist movement and declared war on the rest of the shelter and the remaining population on earth. These three shelters collectively refer to themselves as the Adrian Republic.

During the film’s events, viewers learn that the Adrian Republic is the primary force in the war for dominance among humanity. As a result, the Allied Forces rose as an opposition faction, leading to the emergence of Yun Jung-Yi as a capable military commander who nearly ended the war. However, during one mission in 2135, Jung-Yi was gravely injured and rendered comatose. Therefore, the war dragged on for over forty years, and the Adrian Republic remained a dominant force in space. Ultimately, the Chairman reveals that the war is ending after Adrian Republic agrees to sign a peace treaty with the Allied Forces. The treaty implies that the two factions will come to a mutual agreement allowing them to co-exist.

Kronoid: A Corporation Developing Weapons for the Allied Forces

Kronoid is a prominent presence within ‘JUNG_E’ as it is a military weapon and munition development company. Therefore, it is safe to say that Kronoid is a corporate entity. The same is represented in its hierarchy, as the Chairman is the leading figure in the company. In the movie, viewers learn that Kronoid is responsible for developing some of the most advanced weapons that are helping the Allied Forces fight the war against the Adrian Republic. After Yun Jung-Yi falls into a coma, Kronoid offers to pay for her medical expenses in exchange for using her brain for research purposes.

Decades later, in 2194, Jung-Yi’s brain data was cloned by Kronoid and used as the basis for the combat Artificial Intelligence known as “JUNG_E.” Kronoid’s headquarter is situated on earth, most likely in what remains of South Korea. The company spent millions in researching and developing the combat AI  hoping it would help the Allied forces turn the tide of the war. The JUNG_E program is not producing favorable results for the company. As a result, Director Sang-Hoon and Head Scientist Yun Seo-Hyun are called to the Kronoid HQ.

At the HQ, the duo learns that kronoid is moving away from military weapons development. The war is coming to an end, and the combat Ai does not have any viable, practical applications. Therefore, the company focuses its efforts on finding domestic uses for the AI and brain cloning experiments they have conducted. Ultimately, Kronoid represents the role of modern technology and science in ensuring humanity’s survival. However, the company also reeks of capitalist greed and highlights the uncertainty of technological advancements in the near future.

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