When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 10 Recap and Ending, Explained

Titled ‘Never Say Never,’ season 9 episode 10 of ‘When Calls the Heart‘ witnesses a myriad of emotions flowing through Hope Valley residents as each of them faces their own distinct challenges. While Lucas is imprisoned due to false charges and Elizabeth worries about him, Nathan is caught in a dilemma of whether to help his friends or stand for his morals. Trouble starts stirring when Jerome Smith and Arthur Gilchrist arrive in town and talks of reopening the mine start materializing.

At the Valley Voice office, Rosemary struggles with publishing an article and health issues but soon receives news that may change her and Lee’s life. Henry returns just in time for the oil deal but ends up taking a drastic decision that disrupts Hope Valley’s as well as his peace forever. As we can see, the ending of ‘When Calls the Heart’ season 9 episode 10 raises a lot of crucial questions. So let’s discuss more and try finding the answers now, shall we? SPOILERS AHEAD.

When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 10 Recap

‘Never Say Never’ commences with Lucas being held in custody due to the evidence Wyman planted in his office. Elizabeth prays for his release but also fears that the townsfolk will think badly about him. Meanwhile, Rosemary starts feeling extremely unwell and Faith suggests that it may be stomach flu. As Lee tries to take care of his wife, she refuses to rest at home and accompanies him to the newspaper office. In the meanwhile, Mike suddenly meets Bill and announces that he is determined to resign as the mayor because his duties restrain his helpful nature. He further states that he needs to clear his head and departs Hope Valley for a few weeks.

Fiona receives Jerome Smith and Arthur Gilchrist as they arrive for the oil deal, but the latter’s over-friendly behavior makes her uncomfortable. Seeing this, Nathan advises her to take a stand for herself and firmly say no to unwanted attention. On the other hand, Elizabeth visits Lucas in jail and gives him the pocket watch she got him as a gift. While returning to the station, Nathan bumps into Faith and she tries convincing him of Lucas’ innocence, but he firmly decides to follow his duty. Later, Lee goes to the café and apologizes to Joseph for not telling him about the loan, and they bury the hatchet.

When Rosemary exhibits more strange symptoms, she visits Faith alone for a second opinion. To her surprise, they discover that she is most likely pregnant, but she decides to not tell Lee until it is confirmed. Elsewhere, a worried Faith warns Bill to take care of his deteriorating health after calling Carson. Due to Rosemary’s sickness, the Coulters’ meeting with Arthur gets postponed and he questions Joseph about the mine disaster after hearing about it from Jerome. Lucas finally gets a temporary release from jail and attends the investor’s meetings for the oil company. Afterward, he spends some time with Jack and Elizabeth, and just as he is about to give her the birthday present he planned, shocking news disrupts their celebration.

When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 10 Ending: Why Does Florence Slap Henry?

Just as the investor’s meeting for the oil deal is about to commence, Henry returns unexpectedly, and Lucas and Fiona feel relieved. He confides in Lucas that he had gone looking for Colin McCrery, a mining expert who then warned him about reopening the mines. As per Colin, the mine cannot be reopened due to a significant risk of collapse and will never be safe to work in again. When the meeting continues the next day, Henry warns Jerome and Arthur about not reopening the mines, as they are a symbol of despair for the townsfolk.

However, Arthur reminds everyone of the binding agreement and insists on investigating the actual causes of the accident. Jerome further approaches Henry and asks to have a civilized talk, wherein he states that they should work together to improve the mines’ working conditions. He thinks that after so many years, they might still have some scope of excavation and that they should take the risk of finding out. Henry hesitantly agrees but likely has something up his sleeve, as till now, he has been vehemently opposing the reopening of the mines.

The next day, as the news about the mines spreads through the newspaper, Florence and Molly are heartbroken as it reminds them of the tragic death of their husbands in the mine accident. Not just that, it took them several years to overcome the hardships that followed the disaster, most of which were caused by Henry. Thus, they feel extremely livid at him for scraping those old wounds with his decision and think that he has gone back to his treacherous ways. When he tries to speak with them, a disturbed Florence slaps him in anger and berates him. Dejected at their response, Henry worries about his next step.

Do Elizabeth and Rosemary Reconcile?

Rosemary decides to publish an article in the Valley Voice about the oil company planning to reopen the mines. But Lee feels skeptical, as Elizabeth told them about it in confidence and this may break her trust. Upon his advice, Rosemary decides to go and speak to her, but they end up arguing because Elizabeth feels that the article will make everyone villainize Lucas for being a part of the oil company negotiations, and therefore, indirectly accountable for reopening the mines. Furthermore, she feels that the townsfolk would panic when they find out the truth.

While Rosemary understands Elizabeth’s perspective, she is unable to back off as it is her journalistic duty to make the public aware of their problems. The next morning, she publishes the article but ensures that Lucas is not represented negatively. Her friend is touched to see this and visits her to reconcile over their previous war of words. They promise each other to be careful with the personal information they share and apologize. Not just that, Rosemary talks about her possible pregnancy with Elizabeth and asks her to keep it a secret. Though their friction gets resolved, their fears about the news causing distress in Hope Valley, unfortunately, come true.

Does Nathan Accept the Plea Deal?

When Lucas is in jail, Bill suddenly gets a call from the man who caused Nathan and Newton’s accident. He confesses that he was hired by Wyman to plant false evidence in Lucas’ office and was just escaping town after doing so when he unknowingly hit Nathan and Newton with his car. The man offers a plea deal to testify against Wyman in court on the condition that the hit-and-run charges against him be dropped.

While this guarantees Lucas’ innocence being proven, it offends Nathan as it ensures that his culprit would walk away scot-free. Unable to let go of the trauma the accident caused, he refuses to accept the plea deal so that he can get the man behind bars. However, this makes Nathan go against his friends Lucas and Elizabeth, as their hopes lie in his accepting the plea deal. He tries to convince Lucas to understand his point of view, but the latter feels that he is being selfish.

After a lot of contemplation, Nathan finally agrees to accept the plea deal, as he feels that his friendship with Elizabeth and Lucas is much more important than his own troubles. Grateful for his selfless act, she thanks him for saving Lucas, thus ending the ongoing turmoil between the three of them.

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