Will Lucas and Elizabeth Get Married in When Calls the Heart? Theories

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‘When Calls the Heart’ is a popular drama TV series that follows Elizabeth, a young teacher who arrives in Coal Valley, a former coal-mining town, and becomes a beacon of hope for the residents. Unfortunately, she loses her husband Jack in a mudslide and struggles to raise her son alone. However, soon she finds herself being the object of affection for Mountie Nathan and businessman Lucas. After a lot of trials and tribulations, Elizabeth chooses the latter and they begin a relationship. But will she and Lucas walk down the aisle anytime soon? Let’s discuss the possibilities for that. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Lucas and Elizabeth Get Married?

Lucas and Elizabeth get together in the season 8 finale after she professes her love for him and asks him to stay back in Hope Valley (previously Coal Valley). But she decides to take things slow as their relationship is new and she wishes to explore where time would lead them. Her perspective on Lucas starts evolving when she notices him being an amazing father figure to her son Jack Jr. and readily helping her take care of him. Seeing this side of her partner amazes her and she starts considering the next step with him.

Image Credit: David Dolsen/Crown Media

Throughout season 9, Lucas and Elizabeth tease each other about getting married, but things start getting serious in season 9 episode 5 when he loses a race against Nathan and realizes that he is happiest in Hope Valley with her and little Jack. Lucas shares with Elizabeth that he wishes to leave behind his adventurous life and settle down with them as a family, and she too starts thinking about whether she wants the same. Gradually, their talks of marriage intensify and they lightly discuss the possibility of a spring wedding the next year.

Unfortunately, trouble befalls the couple in season 9 episode 9, when Lucas gets arrested due to his dealings with Wyman Walden. While Elizabeth believes in his innocence and tries hard to convince Nathan and Bill to release him, her plans of celebrating her birthday with him get ruined. Thankfully, Lucas manages to get a temporary release when Nathan agrees to accept a plea deal from the man who falsely implicated him. Later, he spends time with Elizabeth and Jack Jr. and decides to give her the birthday gift he got her.

To Elizabeth’s surprise, it seems like a ring box, but just as Lucas is about to express his feelings, they get a call about Henry reopening the coal mines. Shocked and worried at the same time, they decide to postpone their plans but Lucas feels guilty for being a part of the oil company that led to everything. Though Elizabeth reassures him, she also feels tense about how Henry’s actions may affect their relationship ahead.

Likely, the reopening of the coal mines shall slightly strain Elizabeth and Lucas’ relationship, as he holds himself accountable for everything and feels dejected at not being able to do anything to stop Henry. Moreover, Elizabeth too shall get involved in helping ease the tensions among the townsfolk after Rosemary’s explosive article about the mines reopening. As she has first-hand seen the trauma the coal mine disaster caused in Hope Valley earlier and how lives were uprooted because of it, she will be needed by her friends more than ever.

Elizabeth may become busy being a pacifier, and since Lucas is already guilty about being partly responsible, it may cause miscommunication between them as the townsfolk will blame him as well. Although Lucas has strongly hinted at wanting to propose to Elizabeth — given the ring box she sees in his hand earlier — he may decide to stall it because of the problems in town. Furthermore, the entire incident of being falsely implicated and put in prison has taken a toll on his mind, and he could probably want to briefly take a break from everything.

But as the couple has time and again proven to be perfect for each other through all adversities, they will surely overcome this turbulent time again. Due to Lucas’ strong desire to settle down with Elizabeth and Jack Jr. as a family, he may decide to let go of all doubts and propose to her. However, their marriage shall take some time to materialize as they still have a lot of issues to sort out before taking that step.

In addition, actress Erin Krakow, who plays Elizabeth on the show, shared in an interview that her character and Lucas would majorly explore their relationship in season 9. Considering Erin’s statement as well as the fact that Elizabeth and Lucas are still in the primitive stage of their relationship, they shall likely get engaged in season 9 (but choose to take their own time to plan their wedding). No matter how long it takes, everything indicates that they will get married sometime soon in the future.

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