Where Are Henry And William Wade From Dated & Related Now?

Having a great relationship with one’s sibling is a blessing, and their support during the ups and downs of one’s love life cannot be praised enough. Netflix’s ‘Dated & Related‘ takes this idea and presents viewers with a unique dating reality series. Every season, the participants enter a luxurious villa as part of a sibling duo to find a romantic partner and help their brother/sister do the same. With $100,000 as the cash prize for the best couple, the competition is tough and full of love, drama, heartbreak, and everything else that one can ask from a reality show.

The show’s first season has made the public curious about its cast members, and one of the most talked about sibling pairs from the bunch is that of Henry and William Wade, identical twins from London. Their fans cannot help but wonder about their current whereabouts, and we are here to tell you everything we know about them.

Henry And William Wade’s Dated & Related Journey

Henry and William Wade entered the villa in the fifth episode of ‘Dated & Related’ season 1, during a challenge where the existing cast members were asked to guess each other’s baby photographs. Host Melinda Berry asked the brothers who they would like to take on a double date, and the Wades chose Nina and Diana Parsijani. During the ongoing double date, Diana clarified that she was involved with Kaz Bishop and not looking toward anyone with a romantic eye.

However, Nina stated she was single due to her fight with Kieran Bishop over Alara Taneri, and she and Henry seemed to get along quite well, making the Wade brother happy. Interestingly, she and Kieran were soon back together, which prompted Henry to discuss what she had told him during the double date. Meanwhile, William decided to flirt with Julia Perfetto, who was involved with Joey Roppo. When that fizzled out, she decided to give William a chance since she liked his confident nature.

On the other hand, Henry pursued Corrina Roppo and managed to be her date for Prom Night. On the event day, it was revealed to the contestants that the prize money would be won by a romantic couple rather than a sibling pair. During the dance event, William made some comments that made Julia feel he was using her to have a shot at the prize. Albeit, Henry’s night with Corrina seemed to be going better, and the two even shared a kiss.

The very next day saw the arrival of Andy and Rachel Foster, which threw a wrench in the Wade siblings’ plans. William liked Rachel’s confident nature and was put off by Julia’s shy and reserved personality. In the meantime, Corrina thought Andy was cute, and the latter even selected the Roppo sister to be his date.

William had a conversation with Julia that he did not think they were compatible, which made the Perfetto sister upset and her brother Daniel angry. After her date with Andy, Corrina shared with Henry that she was more inclined toward dating the former, and the two split up. When Rachel was asked to pick a partner amongst the remaining men, she chose William, marking the end of the journey for Henry and Ceylan Taneri.

After being selected by Rachel, William tried his best to be there for the Foster sister, but surprisingly, she soon realized that she did not feel anything romantic toward him. The two had a conversation that made Rachel think William was not acting or speaking from his heart. She discussed it with other girls, and given the latter’s history with Julia, a massive showdown between all the girls and the Wade brother followed. Nevertheless, Rachel later confessed to him that she had not asked the girls to do so.

Just before the finale, when Melinda asked the couples who thought they had found a match for life to stand up, William and Rachel did not, which led to their exit from the show. Regardless, both brothers soon returned to the villa to vote for the winning couple. The fans of the Wade twins are curious about what the two have been up to these days, and we are here to answer the same!

Where Are Henry And William Wade Now?

Despite their less-than-ideal romantic journeys in ‘Dated & Related’ season 1, Henry and William Wade seem to be making impressive strides in their careers. The twins work as digital content creators and often partner with brands like Kurt Geiger, Penhaligon’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Gillette, Land Rover, and Tag Heuer. Their individual social media followings are impressive, and the number of followers on their joint Instagram page is also nothing less impressive.

However, the brothers’ claim to fame is their joint TikTok account, which they have dedicated to content based on fashion, fitness, lifestyle, travel, and male grooming. Apparently, the brothers immensely value class and sophistication and have been brand ambassadors for River Island, Braun, and Johnnie Walker for a long time.

Thanks to their fame, the duo recently had the honor of being presenters at Dream Valley Festival 2022 and interviewed the talented Idris Elba. Moreover, William and Henry have been a part of several prestigious events like The British Fashion Awards in 2021. The Wades seem pretty close to their family and often like to enjoy the company of their friends; we wish the brothers the best and hope for success in their careers and love lives.

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