Catch Me If You Claus: All Filming Locations and Cast Details

Under the direction of Bradley Walsh, ‘Catch Me If You Claus’ follows Avery Quinn, all set for her debut as a news anchor the next morning, when she sees an intruder in her home. She springs into action and ties up the trespasser, who claims to be Santa Claus’ son, Chris. She is about to hand him over to the police when a sequence of mishaps has the two escaping some ruffians, and tracking down leads to solving the case before Avery’s deadline. As the duo work together to save Christmas, they feel a chemistry brewing between them.

As we follow Avery and Chris’ adventure, from her apartment to lit-up streets and a restaurant full of Christmas cheer, one can’t help but be swept up in the holiday spirit. The vibrant atmosphere and beautifully decorated surroundings make you wonder where the filming for ‘Catch Me If You Claus’ took place.

Catch Me If You Claus Shooting Sites

Principal photography for ‘Catch Me If You Claus’ was done almost entirely in and around the city of Ottawa, Ontario. Shooting for the Hallmark movie began at the end of October 2023 and was wrapped up by November of the same year. Let us take a closer look at the locations where the movie was filmed.

Ottawa, Ontario

Filming for the movie has been done in and around the national capital of Ottawa. Hallmark is known to film many of its movies in the city, especially when the production calls for a diverse urban environment. The city is an attractive destination for filmmakers due to its historic buildings, scenic landscape, seasonal diversity, and film-friendly policies. As the lensing of the film’s scenes was done at the end of October, the film crew had to create the holiday feel from scratch with Christmas trees, lights, ornaments, and a cascade of fake snow.

Ottawa can be seen in the backdrop of Hallmark films such as ‘An Ice Palace Romance,’ ‘A Royal Christmas Crush,’ ‘One Delicious Christmas,’ and ‘A Chance for Christmas.’ Sparks Street, North America’s first pedestrian promenade, has featured as a backdrop for the film, with characters traversing the gleaming cityscape at night. The entire street essentially serves as a pedestrian mall with government-owned buildings on the north and south sides and commercial structures down the center. The location has a bejeweled beauty to it, combining antique and modern architecture with its buildings and outlets.

The 19th-century Saint Patrick Basilica also features in the production. The basilica is known for its impressive twin spires, which contribute to Ottawa’s skyline. The interior boasts a rich and ornate design, including a high altar, intricate woodwork, and religious artwork. The property is open to visitors and welcomes individuals interested in its history, architecture, or spiritual purposes.

For scenes involving what seemed to be a pub, the crew filmed in The Rainbow Bistro on 76 Murray Street. The establishment is known for its lively atmosphere and history of music. It was known as the “Home of Blues” and is now a venue for many of North America’s influential artists.

A Fine Thing Furniture was used as a backdrop while lensing some scenes on Somerset Street. The establishment specializes in selling teak and antique furniture. Somer Street runs east-west through the heart of Ottawa. It passes through several diverse neighborhoods and is considered a central and vibrant street in the city.

Catch Me If You Claus Cast

The Hallmark holiday film is headed by Italia Ricci and Luke Macfarlane as Avery and Chris. Italia Ricci has returned to featuring in a Hallmark film for the first time since 2021 when she acted in ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.’ You may have also seen the actress in ‘Designated Survivor’ as Emily Rhodes, ‘Chasing Life’ as April Carver, ‘The Imperfects’ as Sydney Burke, and ‘Supergirl’ as Silver Banshee.

Luke Macfarlane is a seasoned Hallmark star, having featured in over 15 of its productions. You might have spotted him in ‘Brothers & Sisters’ as Scotty Wandell, ‘Bros’ as Aaron ‘Killjoys’ as D’avin Jaqobis ‘Over There’ as Pvt. Frank ‘Dim’ Dumphy and, ‘Platonic’ as Charlie. Other cast members include Michael Barbuto as Tony, Samantha Brown as Talia, Delia Lisette Chambers as Becca, Suzanne Cyr as Sophie Ashburn, Jennifer De Lucia as Mandy, Samantha Nicole Hart as Officer Billings, Kim Roberts as Nancy Lee, Don W. Shepherd as Ellis, Xavier Sotelo as Hewitt Vance, and Matt Willis as Tiny Tim.

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