Christmas Revisited: Shooting Locations and Cast Details

A Winnifred Jong directorial, ‘Christmas Revisited’ takes us to the Christmas reunion of five college friends who are now in their thirties. They meet over the recent death of their friend, to celebrate his life, and have a long overdue reunion. Isolated in a cabin nestled in the mountains, the old colleagues have a lot of time and little space, prompting the resurfacing of old tensions, secrets, resentments, and even an unfulfilled romance.

Bonding over shared memories in remembrance of their deceased cohort, and taken over by Christmas cheer, they begin to resolve past differences and help each other with their emotional burdens. As the year nears its end, high up in the mountains, old bonds are bolstered, and a heartwarming romance is reignited. OWN’s Christmas movie revolves around the remote holiday getaway, prompting us to imagine where the batchmates decided to meet, and if filming was really carried out in such a location.

Where Was Christmas Revisited Filmed?

‘Christmas Revisited’ was filmed primarily in Ottawa, Ontario. Principal photography began in late March 2023 and was wrapped up by early April of the same year. Echoing their good-natured friendship as seen on-screen, the cast members were seen dancing and messing around behind the scenes, having an all-around good time. Let us take a closer look at the locations chosen for the OWN holiday movie.

Ottawa, Ontario

Situated on the banks of the Ottawa River, the capital city was the main filming location for ‘Christmas Revisited.’ Most of the movie’s scenes are shot in the interior of a cabin, with exterior shots using tons of fake snow to create a winter landscape in April. Ottawa is surrounded by a serene verdant countryside leading up to several hill formations, including the Gatineau Hills. The cozy and charming locations around the city, along its vast wooded hills, provided the perfect backdrop for the holiday movie. During filming, the cast members were seen dining at a restaurant in downtown Ottawa.

During the festive season, Ottawa adorns itself with festive lights, transforming into an awe-inspiring winterscape. The Parliament Hill, Byward Market, and Major’s Hill Park become enchanting locales, exuding the joyous spirit of Christmas. The city’s vibrant streets, lined with snow-covered trees and festive decorations, create a magical ambiance ideal for setting the scene for Christmas films. OWN uses the city as a go-to filming location for its Christmas movies; other such films include, ‘The Albion Rooms: A Christmas Fumble,’ ‘Lowertown Brewery: Great Holiday Bake War,’ ‘The Christmas Detective,’ and ‘Great Holiday Bake War.’

The nation’s capital presents a charming setting for filmmakers. The city’s scenic landscapes, including historic architecture, picturesque parks, and the iconic Rideau Canal, offer a captivating backdrop and have been used for setting the scenes of some prominent films, such as ‘Mr. Nobody,’ ‘The Sum of All Fears,’ ‘Alien: Resurrection,’ and ‘House at the End of the Street.’

Christmas Revisited Cast

Tanyell Waivers and Jaime M. Callica capture the spotlight in ‘Christmas Revisited’ as the prospective love interests, with the rest of the friends enacted by Golden Madison, Andrew Bushell, and Andrea Lewis. Tanyell is a New Orleans-born actress who you may have seen in ‘Queen Sugar,’ taking up the role of Keke. ‘Christmas Revisited’ is her first Christmas movie, and she can also be spotted in ‘Ma,’Family Reunion,’ and ‘Dear Zoe.’

Jaime is a seasoned actor with plenty of experience starring in Holiday movies like ‘Christmas Party Crashers,’ ‘Christmas with a Kiss,’ ‘Meeting Mr. Christmas,’ ‘A Christmas Proposal,’ ‘A Chestnut Family Christmas,’ ‘and ‘Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding’ among others. He can also be seen essaying the characters of Brian Rawley in ‘Hypnotic,’ Detective Grant Pierce in ‘Trap House,’ Agent Brian Rollins in ‘Ruthless,’ and Horten Spence in ‘Batwoman.’ The supporting cast for the film includes Lanette Ware, Percy Anane-Dwumfour, and Abby Bullett.

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