Jung Hae-min: Where is Physical 100 Runner-up Now?

As one of the biggest fitness shows, Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100‘ is well-known for its entertaining premise and execution. Thanks to the competition, people worldwide have come to know some of the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts. The dedication and strength showcased by some of the contestants of the Korean reality series left many in awe as people banded together to express their admiration for the same. One of the show’s most popular participants is Jung Hae-Min, a cyclist whose performance was one of the most impressive. Naturally, people are eager to know more about him and his current whereabouts. So, let’s explore it all together, shall we?

Who is Jung Hae-Min?

Jung Hae-Min has participated in several events and even claimed various medals as a professional cyclist. This means that the athlete is often seen receiving prizes on different prestigious occasions. However, cycling is far from the only activity the reality TV star enjoys. Jung is quite fond of traveling across the world and holds a fond love for various forms of golf. Moreover, he is a food enthusiast who likes to eat and drink to his heart’s content. Whether driving ATVs, climbing mountains, or working out in the gym, Jung ensures to enjoy every moment of his life.

When Jung entered the Netflix show, he was surrounded by people from various walks of life, each eager to prove their mettle. After his impressive performance in the pre-quest and the first task, he became a part of Jo Jin-hyeong‘s team and cleared the second task. Jung and his team partnered up with Choo Sung-hoon‘s group for the third quest and bagged the first position with an impressive time of 13 minutes and 34 seconds. For the penultimate task, he chose to participate in the game known as The Punishment of Sisyphus and roll a 100 kg rock up and down inclined slopes.

At the end of the task, Jung Hae-min only had to beat Yung Sung-bin to secure a position in the finals. For the last and final quest, he and four other finalists had to complete a series of tasks. Thanks to his determination and clever thinking, the cyclist could make it to the last of the games after three other participants had been eliminated. However, he was not as fast as Woo Jin-Yong when pulling a heavy and long rope. Despite his near-miss, Jung enjoyed his time on the show and the connections he made as a competitor.

Jung Hae-Min is Travelling the World Today

It seems like Jung Hae-Min is thriving in his personal and professional life. Not only has the athlete been doing a fantastic job in the field of cycling, but he is also garnering much love from the public due to his spectacular on-screen performance. His fanbase has grown massively since the show premiered, and the cyclist now has over 5 thousand Instagram followers. The reality TV star recently traveled across Europe and visited places like Italy, Spain, and Switzerland.

Never the person to let a golden opportunity go, Jung summited the famous Swiss mountain known as Jungfraujoch. When not cycling, he can be seen working out in a gym to maintain his physical health. Jung’s success as a professional cyclist has allowed him to partner with brands like Biosteel Korea. The athlete has recently moved to Gwangmyeong, South Korea. He also enjoys the company of his friends and is always happy to share his accomplishments with his admirers.

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