Where is Life by Ella Filmed?

Created by Jeff Hodsden and Tim Pollock, Apple TV+’s ‘Life by Ella’ is a comedy-drama series that follows the life of a young middle-school girl named Ella McCaffrey. After going through a life-changing experience, the 13-year-old girl’s perspective regarding life changes significantly as she strives to seize each day. Even though the world around her is unfair sometimes, she is determined to appreciate each moment and not take it for granted. Ella decides to face her fears head-on and encourages her friends to do the same.

The inspirational narrative involves several comedic elements sprinkled throughout the series, keeping the viewers hooked on each episode. Moreover, the drama series features stellar performances from a young yet talented cast featuring Lily Brooks O’Briant, Jayden Haynes-Starr, Artyon Celestine, and Kevin Rahm. In addition, the interesting use of backdrops is likely to make one wonder about the actual filming sites of ‘Life by Ella.’ If you are one such curious soul, you might be interested in what we have to share regarding the same!

Life by Ella Filming Locations

‘Life by Ella’ is filmed in California, specifically in Los Angeles County. The principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the comedy-drama series commenced in November 2021 but seemingly halted in January 2022 when Lily Brooks O’Briant tested positive for COVID-19. After a few weeks of delay, the shooting for the first season resumed and finally got wrapped up by March 2022. Now, without further ado, let’s follow Ella on her journey and explore the specific locations that appear in the Apple TV+ series!

Los Angeles County, California

All the pivotal sequences for ‘Life by Ella’ are lensed across Los Angeles County, the most populous county in California and the United States. The production team likely utilizes the facilities of the Sony Pictures Studio at 10202 West Washington Boulevard in Culver City. The film studio comprises 18 stages ranging from 7,600 to 42,000 square feet. As for the on-lot locations, the studio provides a wide range of settings, making it an ideal shooting site for different productions.

For season 1, the cast and crew even traveled across the county to tape different interior and exterior scenes against suitable backdrops. Situated in Southern California, Los Angeles County is considered one of the most ethnically diverse counties in the United States. Besides, it is also known for its vast and diverse geography encompassing mountain ranges, valleys, forests, islands, lakes, rivers, and deserts. Over the years, many filmmakers have utilized the county’s locales to record different movies and TV series, such as ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ ‘Day Shift,’ ‘Nope,’ ‘Never Have I Ever,’ and ‘The Old Man.’

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