Where is Cheer’s Monica Aldama Now?

Back in early 2020, director and executive producer Greg Whiteley (‘Last Chance U‘) first introduced the incredibly intriguing world of stunting, tumbling, basket tossing, and more through a Netflix documentary series entitled ‘Cheer.’ Since then, we’ve started to see cheerleading as a genuine sport not only because it is as athletic and demanding as any other but also because of the way we witnessed Monica Aldama helm the Navarro College cheer team. So now, if you’re curious to know more about her, her journey as a caring mentor/coach, and her current whereabouts, we’ve got you covered.

Monica Aldama’s Cheer Journey

Born and brought up in Corsicana, Texas, Monica Aldama has always been an ambitious and competitive individual, especially considering how she used to see herself as the CEO of a big firm in New York. In fact, upon graduating from Corsicana High School, she obtained a Finance degree from the University of Texas-Austin before pursuing an MBA from the University of Texas at Tyler to achieve her goals. However, once she and her high school sweetheart realized that the city life wasn’t what they wanted for their family, they returned to their hometown, where she applied for a cheer coach position on a whim.

As a former cheerleader herself, Monica knew that she was well aware of all the intricacies involved in making a routine look good, but she also understood that her newfound number knowledge could help her go way beyond. That’s why, when she landed the post of Cheer Coach at Navarro college more than 25 years ago, she combined her passion with her education to create the best program in the nation. Monica actually focused on the individual skills of her students as well as their personal development, which, in turn, benefited the overall performance by motivating them to do better.

There’s a reason Monica’s cheerleaders call her “Queen,” and it’s not only the fact that she’s dedicated to them just as much as she is to cheer, but it’s also that she prefers to stay on the sidelines despite her success. After all, she’s the one who has brought Corsicana’s Navarro College 14 National Cheer Association (NCA) Junior College Division National Championships and five Grand National Titles. Her strong work ethic and humble nature are undeniable, yet what makes her special is that she holds her pupils accountable for their actions to prepare them for the real world while still being maternal.

Where is Monica Aldama Now?

In spite of all the highs and lows she has had to face over the past couple of years, Monica Aldama continues to serve as the fierce but loving Head Cheer Coach at Navarro Community College. Her statement from season 1, “Keep going until you get it right and then keep going until you can’t get it wrong,” has also turned into a motto of sorts for her, which indicates that she has no intention of stepping away from cheer anytime soon. Moreover, becoming one of the inaugural inductees at the institution’s Hall of Fame while still working there is an honor that has seemingly only pushed her to do even better.

While talking to USA Today about the success of ‘Cheer’ and her new status as an international celebrity, Monica candidly said, “We didn’t have any idea that it would be so big. I was like, ‘Hey, hang on a second. I’m a coach. I have no idea about any of this.’ You get better as you go along, but it’s definitely different. I’m just grateful for the opportunities, but I’m still here coaching. That’s my love.” The negative aspect of it, though, that is, the online trolls and the judgment of every move she makes hurt her to no extent, yet she has gradually learned not to focus on them as much.

As for the “opportunities” the coach refers to, apart from partnerships with different brands and all kinds of television appearances to expand the reach of ‘Cheer,’ it also includes the fact that Monica was recently able to become an author with ‘Full Out: Leadership Lessons from America’s Favourite Coach.’ Nevertheless, it appears as if her top priorities are still being a good mentor, mother, and wife in Corsicana, Texas.

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