Numa P: Love Village Contestant is Working as an Anime Producer Now

Netflix’s ‘Love Village‘ is a captivating dating show that is enough to make people fall in love with its concept. The Japanese series focuses on people between the ages of 35 and 60 who are looking forward to finding their life partner through this social experiment. One of the more intriguing cast members from the show is Shinnosuke Numata, AKA Numa P, who quickly became a point of interest despite the short time he was on the screen.

Numa P’s Love Village Journey

As he entered the Netflix series, Numa P decided to be quite candid about his past and the circumstances that led him to be there. Though he had been in several relationships before coming on the show, one, in particular, affected him the most. According to the reality TV star, he had fallen head over heels for a woman and was dating her, not knowing that she was married. When his partner did disclose her marital status, he decided to stay with her.

However, about two years later, Numa P realized this was not the life he wanted and proposed she leaves her husband and be with him. He even suggested that he could adopt her three children. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be, and Numa P was left brokenhearted upon learning that she was not as invested. The story significantly affected Minane, who had been cheated on in both of her past marriages. This led to a frank conversation between the two, where Minane commended his honesty and willingness to end the affair.

It was not before that Numa P started falling for Minane. Initially attracted to her creative side, given their similar professions, he also liked the fact she was such a good cook. The fact that the two shared many things in common, like their alma mater, hometown, and the similar profession of their fathers, also helped them grow closer. Minane also agreed that she felt freer with Numa P and liked how easily they were able to bond.

When Numa P ultimately asked Minane to hopefully give him a chance to pursue things romantically between them. However, her reluctance toward romance and other issues prompted her to request that they first get to know each other more and continue their conversations. However, Nakasan soon approached him and shared his plans of ringing the bell for Minane. Upon learning that Numa P was also interested in Minane, he asked him to ring the bell as well and not let go of his chance.

Where is Numa P Now?

As for writing, Numa P does not seem to be dating anyone. While on the show, he did not ring the love bell for anyone, even though Minane had not left with Nakasan and was one of the remaining singles at the end of their time in the villa. Presently, Numa P works as an Anime Producer/Creator and has been a part of prestigious projects like ‘Folktales from Japan.’ When not working hard, he seemed to enjoy fishing, something we got to see him indulge in even when on the show. He is also quite a food lover and often posts pictures of the same on his social media.

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