Love Village: Where are the Participants Now? Which Couples Are Still Together?

Thanks to Netflix’s ‘Love Village,’ viewers worldwide enjoy some heartwarming stories that will make anyone feel optimistic about love. Featuring participants between the age of 35 to 60, the Japanese reality show has become beloved by many due to its unique premise and entertaining storylines. After the recent season 1 finale, fans are eager to know what their favorite cast members are up to these days. Well, we are here to explore the same and tell you everything we know!

Junpei and Okayo Are Still Going Strong

We are starting with Junpei and Okayo, the first couple we saw coming together in the show. After they left the Netflix series, the couple shared an update that indicates that they are still together, though they are presently living in their respective homes in Shizuoka, Japan, and Tokyo. Junpei seems dedicated to helping his father’s carpentry business and is also part of other ventures. He has a clothing brand called White Hunter and is an ambassador for Vision Street Wear in Japan. Additionally, he is affiliated with Dark Side Skate Wear, while Okayo works as a convenience store clerk.

Totchan and Sakechan Are Still Together

Next, we have Totchan and Sakechan, who also seem to have continued their on-screen romance. The former shared a picture of them while enjoying some food and seemed quite excited about the new developments in her life. When not spending time with her new partner, Totchan enjoys the company of her teenage son and her cat, named after the moon. On the work front, she is a therapist at Imacoco Salon, and Sakechan is in an executive position at an IT company.

Tabo and Yukorin Are Keeping Their Dating Life Private

We are excited to talk about Takahiro “Tabo” Fujita and Yukorin, whose romance certainly captured the world’s attention. However, as of writing, the couple does not seem to have shared any updates regarding the current status of their relationship. Tabo himself is a successful businessman affiliated with many food establishments, including Krats staffing venture, Shishirou Yoyogi, and HiroNori Craft Ramen. Additionally, he is partnered with the Nagahara Group. Similarly, Yukorin is an accomplished Yoga Instructor, working as a Model and a Voice Actor.

Minane and Nakasan Are Planning Future Together

Let’s now talk about Minane and Nakasan, the couple who may not have gotten together most conventionally, according to the show but remained a fan favorite. After being rejected by Minane, Nakasan left the house, followed by the end of the show’s production. He reconnected with her in the real world, and their budding friendship turned into a romance following a drunken night and a kiss. While the couple is not exactly sure when they will get married, they did have their pre-wedding photoshoot about four months after they left the Netflix show. Nakasan, a father to two beautiful girls, continues to work in the real estate industry, while Minane is a picture book author with a son.

Yukiemon is Working as a Barista

Even though Yukiemon‘s love life seems to have started strongly while in the show, she did not seem much interested in anyone after Hollywood left the house. However, her closeness with Anchovy made the latter think she might be interested in him. The reality TV star does not seem to be active on the internet and is seemingly working as a Barista in the service industry.

Anchovy is Enhancing Culinary Skills

Despite leaving the show as a single man, Anchovy‘s life within the show brought much entertainment to the viewers. He is the Owner and Chef of a highly successful restaurant in Setagaya, Japan. Anchovy himself is an expert in Italian cuisine though any food cooked by the reality TV star certainly seems delicious, no matter the origin. Not only has he been happily promoting the show, but he is also quite fond of gardening.

Hollywood is Seeking Love and Friendship

It does not seem like Hollywood is very active on social media, even though his fans have only continued to grow daily. The actor’s efforts to find love may have failed on the show, but he remains hopeful that he will soon meet the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Besides, he made endearing friendships with some of his co-stars like Tabo, Anchovy, and Johnny, who entered the house at the same time as him.

Johnny is Advancing Psychology Practice

Having left the Netflix show due to his work obligations, Johnny‘s presence in the series was much missed in season 1. A graduate of Keio University and the California School of Psychology, the reality TV star is an accomplished psychologist exceptionally dedicated to his work. Indeed, Johnny had gotten special permission to continue his work online while being part of the social experiment. Yet, this certainly put a damper on his plans to find his partner, though he did seem tentatively interested in Yukiemon.

Tomochin is Conducting Fitness Sessions Online

Body Shape Instructor Tomochin turned many heads in the show, and she has indeed received her fair share of praise from the viewers. The fitness expert is also beloved for her work, with people heaping praise for the same via the internet. Tomochin offers online workout sessions to those interested in getting in shape through platforms like Instagram.

Numa P is Creating Anime Content Today

Despite his short stay in the Netflix series, Shinnosuke Numata, AKA Numa P, was one of the most intriguing cast members who quickly became a fan favorite. The Anime Creator enjoys his work immensely and has been a part of many beloved Japanese productions. Additionally, he is quite a foodie and seems fond of fishing. We wish Numa P the very best in his life and hope that his dreams, both for his personal and professional lives, come true.

Bable is Choreographing Dance Events Now

Awano, AKA Bable, was the last person to enter the Netflix show and quickly caught the world’s attention with his creative side and captivating personality. He works as an Event Director and is heavily involved in the choreography and performance of dance routines at important events across Japan. Bable’s blunt nature often got him in trouble, but he formed some close connections in the house.

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