Junpei and Okayo: Is the Love Village Duo Still in a Relationship?

Netflix’s ‘Love Village‘ has become popular across the world thanks to its unique premise and captivating storylines. The Japanese reality show features participants from the age of 35-60 who hope to find their forever match through the show. Of course, things are not as easy as one might want and often lead to unexpected and complicated outcomes. Consider the love story of Junpei and Okayo, which left fans on the edge of their seats from start to finish. However, many of the fans are eager to know if this on-screen couple is actually still together in real life or not. So, let’s explore the answers together, shall we?

Junpei and Okayo’s Love Village Journey

A hopeful Junpei entered the Netflix show in hopes of finding his forever match and spending the rest of his life with that person. It was not long before he became attracted to Yukorin, another new participant in the house. However, he did have some competition on that front in the form of Tabo. Meanwhile, Okayo, who had almost given up hope when it came to finding someone for herself, became interested in Junpei.

What followed next was a complicated dance between Junpei and Okayo, with the former still keeping an eye open for Yukorin. While he spent much quality time together with Okayo, especially when it came to renovating the top floor of the house for all the girls, Junpei’s interest in Yukorin remained evident. This led Okayo to seek the help of other girls and try on some makeup in hopes of piquing Junpei’s interest, though his reaction did not seem very warm.

Shortly afterward, all the women in the house decided to make bead bracelets and give them to the guys, not telling them who made which one. Given the unequal number of men and women in the house at the time, one bracelet was left behind, which was actually Okayo’s. Upon learning this fact, Junpei immediately grabbed the bracelet and complimented it, which warmed Okaypo’s heart and certainly left a positive impression on others.

After Junpei and Okayo had completed their work for the women’s quarters, the latter decided to go for it and rang the bell. She confessed her feelings of affection for Junpei and stated that she wanted to leave the house with him, should he be so inclined. When the time came for Junpei to announce his decision, he did so by taking a pair o scissors and cutting off the braid that he had kept for almost a decade. He claimed that this was meant to signify a new start in his life, and he wanted to start the new chapter at Okayo at his side, much to everyone’s delight.

Junpei and Okayo Are Likely Still Together

As of writing, it does seem like Junpei and Okayo are still together. Not long after the couple’s match was confirmed to the public, they shared an update, stating that they were very much still together. Following their departure from the reality series, the two went back to their respective homes in Shizuoka, Japan, and Tokyo, Japan. Given the fact that Junpei is giving his best to keep his father’s business going, it will undoubtedly be hard for him to leave his home behind. Just how much this will affect their living situation is something only the future can tell.

That is not to say that Junpei and Okayo have not met each other since the show’s production. Both of them seem to have spent some time together with each other in early 2023 while enjoying skiing and snowboarding. The couple has assured their fans that they plan on being regular about updating their fans regarding the upcoming events in their lives. They also thanked everyone for their support and requested that they continue to support their fellow co-stars as well.

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