Yukorin From Love Village: Here’s All We Know About Her

Netflix’s ‘Love Village‘ is a Japanese dating show with a concept that will keep you entertained. The reality series features participants over the age of 35 who are looking forward to finding a lifelong partner. Though the task is far from easy, it allows the cast members to understand their romantic preferences and learn more about their inner selves. Consider season 1’s Yukorin, whose presence in the show was welcomed by many. Her fans are eager to learn what they can about their favorite participant, and we are here to share what we know about the same!

Yukorin’s Ethnic Background and Traditional Values

Being born in Japan’s Saga prefecture, Yukorin joined ‘Love Village’ when she was 36. The reality TV star grew up in rural Kyushu, Japan, specifically the region of her birth. Given her traditional upbringing, Yukorin feels deeply about marriage and having children. Given these topics’ importance to her, she decided to clarify what her potential suitors think before she could consider anything seriously. Yukorin also finds herself a person who doesn’t “tend to get overly excited.” Additionally, Yukorin likes to cook and is always happy to prepare delicious and enjoyable meals.

Yukorin’s Profession

As it turns out, Yukorin is a proficient Yoga Instructor. Those familiar with the show must have seen her leading the participants through their workout sessions, emphasizing her passion for her work. We are sure Yukorin’s calm and soothing aura during her time on the show might be rooted in her yoga practice.

Yukorin’s Dating Life

As of writing, it does not seem like Yukorin is dating anyone. Before entering the Netflix series, she had never been married though being wed to someone is undoubtedly important to her. Yukorin even stated in the show that while in a relationship, she would prefer to get married rather than the alternative. As soon as she stepped foot midway through ‘Love Village’ season 1, she quickly captured the attention of several male cast members.

The first one to express interest in Yukorin was businessman Tabo though her fellow new addition Junpei was not far behind. While she seemed attracted to the former, she did talk with the latter. Nevertheless, the Yoga Instructor did not appreciate the gesture when Junpei put his hand on her shoulders during a thunderstorm without asking her. Shortly afterward, she and Sakechan started bonding based on their shared mindsets and similar personalities.

In fact, Sakechan even gifted Yukorin a Mongolian volcanic salt rock, which quickly became known among her fellow participants. With the attention of three of the four men in the house being on her, she seemed torn about whom to choose. Yet, it did seem like she preferred spending time with Tabo and even made her bracelet in colors that he had earlier revealed to her were his favorites. When the businessman picked the bracelet, many could not help but wonder if her color choices were deliberate to make her interest in Tabo evident. That said, Yukorin has not officially shared any news about a significant other as of writing.

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