Totchan and Sakechan: Is the Love Village Couple Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Love Village‘ is an intriguing Japanese reality series that follows various people from the age of 35 to 60 as they try to find their love match and find someone for the rest of their love lives. The journey to do so is far from simple and often poses challenges that can be hard to overcome. Totchan and Sakechan had their fair share of challenges as they battled with their romantic feelings for each other while trying to figure out what they wanted from their potential partners. This has naturally led people to wonder if the two are still together, and we are here to answer the same!

Totchan and Sakechan’s Love Village Journey

Entering the Netflix reality series, Totchan was eager to find her love match and was initially very much interested in Tabo. The conversations between the two indeed flowed smoothly, and it did seem like they might just be a match for each other. However, things took a disappointing turn when Tabo’s conversational skills made Tochan far from happy, and she felt like he was not interested in her. Tabo himself had not stated explicitly whether or not he was interested in Tabo.

As the new batch of participants entered the house, tabo became enamored with Yukorin while Totchan found herself gravitating towards Sakechan. Initially quite shy, the latter was impressed with Totchan’s cooking skills and soon started a conversation with her. Soon enough, Tothan fell for Sakechan and even gave him a massage coupon to redeem anytime as a gesture of affection. However, Sakechan became somewhat disenchanted with Totchan when he saw her poking holes through the old paper in the sliding doors.

Sakechan felt that Toitchan was perhaps too energetic for him, and he did not like how she treated the doors, feeling that things that had served them so well should be treated with respect. This led him to bond with Yukorin, who confessed that she was not a fan of high-energy activities. It was not long before Sakechan became interested in Yukorin and even gave her a pie of Mongolian volcanic rock salt. This piece of news became known to others and brought Totchan low as she felt upset that she had not been given a gift from Sakechan.

Things between Sakechan and Totchan progressed at a steady pace, with the former often changing his mind about how he felt about Totchan. His evident interest in Yukorin continued to plague Totchan until Yukiemon talked to him and assured her that the rock salt was not as big of a gesture as one might think. This made Toitchan determined to continue pursuing Sakhcan, and the two soon started to build a campfire together. The project brought Sakehcan closer to Totchan, and the two even wrote their names in a hidden spot in the campfire pit.

However, during the first campfire event, Sakechan disliked the behaviors exhibited by others after drinking alcohol, including Totchan. He also shared that he wanted to give back the massage coupon that Tochan had given him. That being said, he never did get around to doing so, and despite his dislike of some of the things he had seen Totchan doing, he continued to grow closer to her. Motivated by the four-leaf clover that Yukiemon had given her, Totchan ultimately decided to ring the bell and propose to Sakechan. He accepted the proposal and stated that he wanted to redeem the coupon that she had given him.

Totchan and Sakechan Are Likely Still Dating

As of writing, it does seem like Totchan and Sakechan are indeed still together. Following the on-screen confirmation of their relationship, Totchan took to social media to share a picture of herself and her beau enjoying food together. She also expressed her gratitude regarding the whole experience and was happy to promote the show to her loyal fans. Sakechan himself has not yet shared pictures of himself with his partner but does follow her on social media. The fact that he has attached the bracelet that she made to his bag is a clear sign of his continued affection for Totchan. Presently, both of them seem to be enjoying life to the fullest, and Totchan herself seems quite happy to be back with her son and takes every opportunity to celebrate his accomplishments.

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