Where is Rylin Utah From Love Allways Now?

Image Credit: Rylin Utah/Instagram

Love Allways‘ is a one-of-a-kind dating show on Paramount+ that combines the beloved elements of the genre with things you may have never seen before. The series’s first season revolves around Lexi Paloma, the starring bachelorette who is pansexual and has both men and women vying for her attention. Over the show, many had to leave without achieving their goal, including Rylin Utah, who certainly left an impression on everyone. Naturally, people are curious about where the reality TV contestant is these days, and we are here to answer the same!

Rylin Utah’s Love Allways Journey

Entering the Paramount+ show, Rylin joined Anthony Recenello’s team, hoping she could win over the person everybody would be trying to woo. She was certainly not disappointed when it was revealed just who the bachelorette was and immediately started to make plans to be the winner of the competition. Yet, Rylin’s journey was not that simple, and she began to feel that her connection with the show’s star was not as deep as some of the other bonds that had been created until that point. Though she refuted the notion, her interactions with Luis Diaz made many think she was flirting with him.

During a group game that everyone was participating in, Rylin revealed details of her past relationship and her miscarriage, which certainly made everyone appreciative of her silent strength and dedication toward life. That said, her conversation with Kalysta Mallory later upset her heavily as the latter declared that she did not think that Rylin was ready to be a part of an experiment like this and to be the one who might be Lexi’s ultimate pick. However, Rylin’s subsequent conversation with Lexi assured her that she may have indeed started to form a unique connection.

Indeed, Lexi mentioned Rylin in a delightedly positive light during the fourth elimination ceremony. Unfortunately, the fact that the latter had not yet had a one-on-one date bugged her as she wanted to have more intimate time with the bachelorette. This feeling was exemplified when Lexi put Rylin in the bottom two during the sixth round of elimination, though no one was eliminated. To explore her connection with Rylin and Jayme Aiden, Lexi asked them to go on a healing date with her and then had frank one-on-one conversations with them.

While Rylin did feel like she had been able to connect more with Lexi, it was unfortunately not enough to save her from being in danger of elimination in the seventh round. Lexi asked Rylin if she would like to share something that might give her an advantage in being saved from elimination, but the participant declared that it was something that Lexi should decide on her own. Ultimately, Lexi chose to eliminate Rylin, but it was evident how much the decision weighed on her.

Where is Rylin Utah Now?

Rylin celebrated her 21st birthday in early June 2023 and welcomed the milestone by enjoying her time in Las Vegas, Nevada. With over 66 thousand Instagram followers, the reality TV contestant works as a model and is primarily based in Los Angles, California. While it does not seem like she is in a relationship as of writing, she is certainly making the best of the company of her friends while spending quality time on beaches across the country.

Rylin has also been quite happy to promote her reality TV participation and has gained many fans. We wish her the best and hope she has a beautiful future. After all, seeing Rylin partaking in future entertainment projects will undoubtedly be interesting.

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