Where is Single’s Inferno’s Seong Min-Ji Now?

Netflix’s ‘Single’s Inferno’ is a reality show that takes place on a deserted island where 12 singles have to interact with each other and pair up romantically in order to escape to “Paradise.” With its interesting premise, the South Korean dating show ensures that the strangers constantly converse with each other and develop both romantic and friendly bonds.

Season 1 of the show started off with 9 singles ready to get to know each other. However, in episode 5, three newcomers were introduced to the group, resulting in immediate interpersonal drama. Seong Min-Ji was one of these newcomers, and her reserved personality quickly drew the attention of fans. Understandably, now that the show’s first season in concluded, many around the world are curious about her. So, where is Seong Min-Ji now? Don’t worry, we’ve got the information you need! Let’s find out what Min-Ji is up to nowadays.

Who is Seong Min-Ji?

Seong Min-Ji first joined the singles in season 1 episode 5; she was the second newcomer to come to the island. “Many people say that I look cold and hard to approach,” stated the 24-year-old during her confessional interview, making it obvious why the atmosphere was awkward when she first walked in to meet the singles. “But once they get to know me, they say I’m very friendly and playful, which surprises them,” she added. Min-Ji went on to explain that she likes men with “pretty noses” and those who share the same hobbies as her. “I will get the man I want,” she declared boldly, explaining that she’s competitive and doesn’t give up easily.

Soon, Min-Ji went on a yacht date with Moon Se-Hoon; although the two clearly didn’t share similar interests, they still had a good time. Later, despite the fact that Min-Ji wanted to go to “Paradise” with Se-Hoon, he ended up choosing Shin Ji-Yeon as his date night partner. Min-Ji seemed quite shocked and disappointed by his decision, unaware of his previous dynamic with Ji-Yeon.

Eventually — unsure of what do to about her feelings for Se-Hoon — Min-Ji asked the other girls for advice and got the suggestion that she should just talk to him. Thus, Min-Ji and Se-Hoon spoke to each other; however, the latter politely made it clear that he wished to pursue his relationship with Ji-Yeon. Even in the season finale, Se-Hoon chose Ji-Yeon over Min-Ji.

Where is Seong Min-Ji Now?

Now that ‘Single’s Inferno’ season 1 is concluded, Seong Min-Ji has returned to her job as a beauty products model. Working as a freelancer, Min-Ji scores gigs with brands targeting teenagers and people in their 20s. Additionally, she also models for clothing brands. Thanks to the show’s worldwide reach and popularity, it seems likely that Min-Ji will get more opportunities to advance her career.

Although Min-Ji didn’t get to pursue her love interest on the reality show, she did state that she enjoyed meeting “great people” on the island. In fact, on her social media, she regularly shares photos from her time with the singles. Now that she is away from the hot and sandy island, we’re sure that Min-Ji must be spending her time playing video games (particularly ‘Overwatch,’ in which she’s a “plat” player), bowling, and listening to hip-hop, as they are her favorite hobbies.

With an obvious love for dogs and a keen eye for beautiful travel destinations, interior design, food, and luxe fashion, Min-Ji keeps her followers entertained and inspired on social media through her posts. She is also close to her twin sister, Seong Min-Ju, and regularly works and shares pictures with her. Since her follower count is rapidly increasing thanks to the show, we expect that Min-Ji’s professional life is only going to get better!

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