Lifetime’s My Life Is on the Line: Filming Locations and Cast Explored

The Geena Hernandez directorial, Lifetime’s ‘My Life Is on the Line,’ is a daunting thriller tale of a young woman named Shannon, who works in the call center of a credit union. Going through an impending separation and custody battle, she somehow manages to juggle his work amidst all the commotion in her personal life. Little does she know that her life is about to get all the more complicated when she receives a call from a desperate client who asks to transfer a large sum of money, something that is against the rules.

After making an exception for the client, Shannon bends the rules only to find out that she has been played by him. Now, as she makes a desperate attempt to make things right before anyone finds out, the mysterious caller begins to threaten her by using all the information he has about her personal life. As the walls seem to be closing in on her, she must come up with a way to outsmart him and save herself, her family, and her job. Originally titled ‘The Caller,’ the movie keeps the viewers hooked on its suspenseful storyline and guessing about the actual locations owing to some interesting sites in the backdrop.

Where Was My Life Is on the Line Filmed?

‘My Life Is on the Line’ was reportedly filmed in its entirety in the State of New York, specifically in and around Long Island. From the looks of it, the principal photography for the thriller movie seemingly took place in the last months of 2023, over the period of three to four weeks.

Long Island, New York

The production team of ‘My Life Is on the Line’ headed to the southeastern region of New York State, particularly in Long Island, to lens almost all the pivotal sequences of the Lifetime thriller. To shoot the indoor scenes, the cast and crew members supposedly took over a few real-life locations and set up camp in one of the film studios located in and around the island. As for the outdoor portions, most of them were likely recorded in different neighborhoods and streets in order to get a suitable backdrop.

While filmmakers usually take over different parts of Long Island while filming, there are a few favorite sites where many tapings tend to occur, including the waterfront areas in Gantry Plaza State Park and Hunter’s Point State Park, bridges, restaurants, and historic landmarks. Thus, don’t get surprised when you spot places like the Hempstead House and Montauk Point Light in the backdrop of several key sequences. Apart from ‘My Life Is on the Line,’ Long Island has hosted the production of numerous movies and TV shows over the years, such as ‘After.Life,’ ‘American Gangster,’ ‘Leave the World Behind,’ ‘Side Effects,’ and ‘The Manchurian Candidate.’

My Life Is on the Line Cast

‘My Life Is on the Line’ stars Andrea Pazmino in the lead role of Shannon, a call center employee whose life changes after a mysterious phone call. Also a standup comic and a model, the award-winning actor has garnered praise for her performance in Detective McManus in ‘To Kill a Stepfather,’ Samantha in ‘Eli Roth Presents: The Legion of Exorcists,’ Lourdes in ‘Proof Sheet,’ Madam G in ‘The CEO’s Contract Wife.’ Some of her other works include ‘The Prank Panel,’ ‘Secular Soulmates,’ ‘Cassandro,’ and ‘Bloodbath.’ Katelin Chesna dons the garb of Pilar in the movie. Her acting skills are on display in shows and films such as ‘Queen America,’ ‘The Resident,’ ‘She Is Not Your Daughter‘ and ‘True Blood.’

While ‘FBI’ star Jose Eduardo Ramos appears as Steve, ‘Bull’ fame Cheryl Pickett essays the character of Jamelia. The supporting cast is packed with several talented actors, such as Paul Sinacore as Joel, Stephen Zuccaro as Dave, Kim Alvarez-Cazzetto as Maggie, and Emperor Kaioyus as Dylan. Meanwhile, Jimmy Brzozowski and Leif Easterson star in the Lifetime production as Security Guards.

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