Lifetime’s The Boarding School Murders: Filming Locations And Cast Details

With Alexandre Carrière occupying the director’s chair, Lifetime’s ‘The Boarding School Murders’ is a thriller film that follows a young girl named Frankie who stays with her foster parents. Life is far from ideal for her, so when she gets a chance to get away from her foster care house, she pounces on it and attends an exclusive Swiss boarding school. Thinking that her miserable days are in the past, Frankie is in for a deadly surprise.

After a few days of joining the boarding school, Frankie’s life turns upside down when one of her classmates is found murdered, and she is at the receiving end of everyone’s suspicions. A majority of the story takes place in and around the Swiss boarding school, where the murder takes place, keeping viewers guessing about the actual filming locations of ‘The Boarding School Murders.’

The Boarding School Murders Filming Locations

‘The Boarding School Murders’ was filmed in its entirety in Ontario, particularly in Ottawa. As per reports, the production of the thriller film took place in the summer of 2023, in July of the same year. Now, allow us to take you through all the specific sites that served as a backdrop for the Lifetime production.

Ottawa, Ontario

The shooting for ‘The Boarding School Murders’ was carried out in and around the capital city of Ontario — Ottawa. The filming unit reportedly took over several streets and neighborhoods of the city to tape important sequences against suitable backdrops. Lying at the confluence of the Ottawa River and the Rideau River, Ottawa is home to several monuments with Romantic and Picturesque styles of architecture, including Centre Block on Parliament Hill, the Rideau Hall, the Fairmont Château Laurier, the National Gallery of Canada, and the Rideau Canal.

The neighborhoods of Ottawa are divided into urban, suburban, and rural areas, some of which might or might not feature in the thriller. While the Old Ottawa neighborhood is vibrant and filled with bustling and lively areas of Old Ottawa South, Centretown, Lower Town, and Sandy Hill, Modern Ottawa neighborhood consists of eleven historic townships. Apart from ‘The Boarding School Murders,’ Ottawa has hosted the production of various movies and TV shows, such as ‘House at the End of the Street,’ ‘The Sum of All Fears,’ ‘I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House,’ ‘Bon Cop Bad Cop,’ and ‘Rulers of Darkness.’

The Boarding School Murders Cast

In ‘The Boarding School Murders,’ Hannah Galway steps into the role of Frankie, a newcomer at the Swiss boarding school. Widely recognized for her compelling performances as Tracey in ‘Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie’ and Emily in ‘Sex/Life,’ Hannah also features in ‘Love Upstream,’ ‘Webcam Cheerleaders,‘ ‘An Eclectic Christmas,’ and ‘Secrets of a University,’ and made guest appearances in shows like ‘Under the Banner of Heaven,’ ‘Good Sam,’ and ‘Murdoch Mysteries.’

Accompanying her is Christina Cox, who essays the role of Miss Ainsworth in the Lifetime thriller. Throughout her long and successful acting career, she has been featured in multiple films and TV shows. Portraying Jen Crane, Christina stars in ‘Defying Gravity,’ while she features in ‘Blood Ties’ as Vicki Nelson. Moreover, other projects she has been involved in over the years are ‘F/X: The Series,’ ‘The Crow: Stairway to Heaven,’ ‘Somtimes a Hero,’ ‘Nikki and Nora,’ and ‘The Stepson.’

The Lifetime movie also features other talented actors in supporting roles, including Ksenia Daniela Kharlamova as Annabelle, Xavier Sotelo as Dr. Garcia, Katia Edith Wood as Tinsley, Eve Edwards as Maria, Nicole Amber Farrugia as Jacqueline, and Guy Sprung as Detective Krause, and Douglas Kidd as Mr. Limoux. Furthermore, Isabelle Boulton (Miss Galiani), Malik McCall (Mr. Bennett), Aury Barnett (Friedrich), Norman Mikeal Berketa (Gardener), and Victoria Lenhardt (Trina) feature in ‘The Boarding School Murders’ as well.

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