Where Was True Justice: Family Ties Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

With Jonathan Wright at the helm, ‘True Justice: Family Ties’ takes us on a Hallmark mystery involving a killer, false accusations, and a search for family exoneration. Casey’s brother is wrongly convicted of murdering her friend from college and sentenced to life in prison without payroll. Casey is a law school student who takes it upon herself to find the real killer. Joining her in the search for clues are friends Sarah, Eli, PJ, and their private investigator friend, Liam.

Based on a tip from their professor, the gang begins to inch closer to finding the answers they seek, but find themselves increasingly at threat from the real perpetrator. The Hallmark Movies and Mysteries film features an enthralling mystery encapsulated in a university environment. The narrative follows the investigators through lecture halls, courtrooms, city streets, and campus environments.

True Justice: Family Ties Filming Locations

‘True Justice: Family Ties,’ tentatively titled ‘Exonerated,’ was filmed entirely in Ottawa, Ontario. Principal photography began sometime in early or mid-June 2023 and was carried on for weeks before getting wrapped up by June 24. Let us venture into the filming locales used for shooting the Hallmark movie.

Ottawa, Ontario

Nestled along the scenic banks of the Ottawa River, the Canadian capital, Ottawa, emerged as an intriguing and picturesque backdrop for the filming of ‘True Justice: Family Ties.’ Renowned for its blend of historic charm and modern vibrancy, the city set the stage for its captivating narratives shrouded in suspense and intrigue. The University of Ottawa and its campus stand in for the institution Casey and her friends study in. Located at 75 Laurier Avenue East, The University of Ottawa, or uOttawa, is spread across 105 acres in the Sandy Hill neighborhood.

A majority of the Hallmark film was shot on the university’s campus. In particular, filming was carried out in and around the Tabaret Hall on 550 Cumberland Street. The Tabaret Hall, named in honor of Father Joseph-Henri Tabaret, is a large building of four stories with two basements across five wings. Its classical structure, held up by Greek columns at its grand entrance, served as a stately backdrop for portraying the law school. Its expansive hallways and broad switchback staircases can be observed as the characters go about their investigation.

The film crew were spotted at the First Church of Christ, Scientist on 288 Metcalfe Street. Situated in Centretown in downtown Ottawa, the church’s current Italianate-style stone structure, along with its wooden interiors, was used for a few scenes in ‘True Justice: Family Ties.’ The filmmakers were spotted lensing a sequence outside the church, with its towering pillars serving as a backdrop. Extras were seen entering the structure as actors conversed on the staircase. They were flanked by a crew member hoisting a boom mic, and a single camera rolled from the top of the stairs.

The movie’s filming sites around Ottawa, evoke an antiquated atmosphere, to be visually blended with more modern elements of the city. The gothic designs of some of the locations seamlessly add an extra layer of mystery to the narratives. The city’s diverse neighborhoods, from the historic and cobblestone-lined streets of Lowertown to the more contemporary vibes of Centretown, offered the crew a rich tapestry of settings to explore various facets of their mystery-based storytelling.

Ottawa’s reputation for safety, cleanliness, and a supportive local film industry makes it an attractive and accessible choice for Hallmark films. With its welcoming community and the Ottawa Film Office providing resources for permits and location scouting, the city offers a conducive environment for bringing impactful narratives to life. Therefore, Ottawa is becoming more and more of a favored destination for Hallmark flicks to be shot year-round in the capital city. Some of the Hallmark movies produced here include ‘Catch Me If You Claus,’ ‘A Royal Christmas Crush,’ ‘Never Too Late to Celebrate,’ ‘An Ice Palace Romance,’ ‘Noel Next Door,’ and ‘Family History Mysteries: Buried Past.’

True Justice: Family Ties Cast

The Hallmark Movies and Mysteries film is studded with young talent, and supported by Hallmark old guard. Katherine McNamara leads the movie, essaying the role of Casey. She won the 2018 People’s Choice Award for Top Female Television Actress for her leading role of Clary Fray in ‘Shadowhunters.’ You may have also seen her in ‘Arrow,’ as Mia Smoak. Nikki Deloach and Benjamin Ayres act out Professor Ambrose and D.A. Quinn, respectively. The two have starred together in ‘Cranberry Christmas,’ and regularly appear in Hallmark productions.

Supporting cast members include Markian Tarasiuk as Eli, Alexander Nunez as Liam Anderson, Sabrina Saudin as PJ, Kayla Jo Farris as Tamara, Rick Hastings as Kurt Teller, Patrick Publow as Police Officer, Marisa McIntyre, and Sam Ashe Arnold.

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