Where Was Bottoms Filmed?

Co-written and helmed by Emma Seligman, ‘Bottoms’ is a teen comedy movie that stars Rachel Sennott and Ayo Edebiri as PJ and Josie, two unpopular high school friends who, in hopes of losing their respective virginities to the cheerleaders of their school, start a fight club. When this seemingly bizarre plan works to their benefit, the fight club reaches to even the most popular girls at school, making them fight each other in the name of self-defense.

Now PJ and Josie must find a way to put an end to it all before their real motive behind the fight club is out in the open. Besides Sennott and Edebiri, the sex comedy film features the likes of Dagmara Domińczyk, Havana Rose Liu, Kaia Gerber, Marshawn Lynch, Miles Fowler, and Nicholas Galitzine. Since a majority of the drama unfolds in the school premise, the audience is likely to wonder where ‘Bottoms’ was actually shot. If you are one such curious soul, we have got you covered!

Bottoms Filming Locations

‘Bottoms’ was filmed in its entirety in Louisiana, especially in and around New Orleans. As per reports, principal photography for the comedy movie commenced around mid-April 2022 and wrapped up in over a month or so, in late May of the same year. Now, without further ado, let’s traverse through all the specific shooting sites that make an appearance in the Emma Seligman directorial!

New Orleans, Louisiana

The shooting for almost all the pivotal sequences of ‘Bottoms’ took place in New Orleans, the consolidated city-parish that lies along the Mississippi River in the southeastern region of Louisiana. The production team reportedly took over an actual school located in or around New Orleans to shoot most of the school scenes for the movie. They supposedly lensed key portions in the school’s gymnasium, corridors, classrooms, as well as outdoor areas. However, it is also possible that a few indoor sequences were recorded on a sound stage or two of one of the film studios.

During a conversation with Screen Rant in August 2023, the makeup department head, Natalie Christine Johnson, was asked if there was a specific scene where everyone had the most fun while shooting. She replied, “Oh, yeah. The fight montage in the gym. That was done in one day. It was basically just running to the trailer, running back, cleaning it up, doing another version of it, (and) running back. That was so much fun, and you could tell that the girls were really into it because they got to play around. For some of them, it was their first time doing stunts like that.”

Historically and culturally speaking, New Orleans and its surrounding areas have been popular destinations for the LGBTQ+ community, and in 2015, a survey also reported it to be one of the largest cities in the American South with a large LGBT population. Given such close affiliation with the community, it makes sense why the makers of the film chose New Orleans to shoot the lesbian-oriented sex comedy movie. Besides ‘Bottoms,’ the city has hosted the production of numerous film and TV projects, including ‘21 Jump Street,’ ’22 Jump Street,’ ‘The Dukes of Hazzard,’ and ‘Killing It.’

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