Hallmark’s A Picture of Her: All Shooting Locations and Cast Details

Image Credit: Allister Foster/Hallmark

Hallmark’s ‘A Picture of Her’ chronicles the unique and heartwarming love story of Beth and Jake. Beth travels from her fishing village to a city to help her aunt. Meanwhile, Jake is a freelance photojournalist in search of his big break. He spots Beth at a farmers’ market and captures a beautiful image of her with a flower. The candid photograph ends up on the cover page of a weekly magazine. The two cross paths at a dog park, and Jake decides to pursue her without revealing his identity.

The romantic movie features the amazing chemistry between Beth and Jake. The surroundings, backdrop, and picturesque locations elevate the appeal of this cinematic piece which further highlights their bond. If you are amazed by these movie sites and wish to know all about them, we’ve got you covered!

A Picture of Her: Where Was it Filmed?

The principal photography of ‘A Picture of Her’ seemingly occurred in British Columbia, specifically in Vancouver, around February 2023. British Columbia is preferred by filmmakers due to its favorable weather and varied terrain that enhances the backdrop of a movie. Moreover, the state houses several top-notch studios, production companies, and skilled technicians alongside various prominent shooting locations such as Okanagan Valley, Gulf Islands, Kamloops, and Victoria. Without further ado, let’s briefly look at the exact locations where the Hallmark production was filmed!

Vancouver, British Columbia

As per reports, ‘A Picture of Her’ was filmed in Vancouver, known for Stanley Park, the Museum of Anthropology, Capilano Suspension Bridge, and its lively culture. The west coast city has earned itself the title of Hollywood North. University of British Columbia, Gastown, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver Convention Centre and are among the few popular filming areas in the city.

Multiple movies have been shot in Vancouver due to the availability of phenomenal talent, diverse landscapes, and the freedom to have creative liberties. Other romantic movies captured in the lively place include, ‘Prom Pact‘ and ‘Titanic.’


A Picture of Her Cast

The Hallmark movie features Rhiannon Fish as Beth, the lively and beautiful small-town girl. You may recognize her from her portrayal of April Scott in ‘Home and Away’ and Ontari in ‘The 100.’ Tyler Hynes plays the male lead character of Jake, the struggling photographer. The actor also appears in ‘Letterkenny‘ as Dierks and ‘Recon’ as Sgt. Reece. Samantha Ferris essays the role of Aunt Doddy, with the broken leg. She is best known for her performance in ‘Supernatural’ as Ellen, ‘The Tall Man’ as Tracy and ‘Shattered’ as Diane.

The movie has a talented supporting cast that comprises Alison Araya as Candace, Robert Wisden as Captain Mark, Daniel Bacon as Vern, Aadila Dosani as Janice, and Haley Victoria Hunt as Devon. Other actors who can also be seen in the film include Gavin Langelo as Richie Rosebrook, Jason Furukawa as Hiro, Seth Whittaker as Jaypeg, Dominique Termansen as Freddy, and Tebo Nzeku as Amanda.

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