Where Was LMN’s The Wrong High School Sweetheart Filmed? Who is in the Cast? Is it a True Story?

Directed by David DeCoteau, Lifetime’s ‘The Wrong High School Sweetheart’ is a thriller movie that follows Danielle, who suddenly reconnects with her boyfriend from high school after several years. As the two begin to rekindle their romance, she feels lucky to have found him again. However, soon she begins to realize that there is more about him than meets the eye and the dangerous extent to which he can go to keep their teenage memories and relationship alive. Danielle must now escape and save herself before his obsession turns deadly.

The visual backdrop of ‘The Wrong High School Sweetheart’ adds an element of surprise to its edgy narrative, where unexpected events occur in the most ordinary of settings. In case you wonder where this riveting movie was filmed, you’ve found an ally in us. Let’s find out together!

The Wrong High School Sweetheart Filming Locations

‘The Wrong High School Sweetheart’ was filmed in California AKA the Golden State, particularly in Los Angeles. Principal photography for the movie was wrapped up in August 2021. California is known for its pleasant weather, as well as a diverse terrain that includes mountains, desert, cliff-lined beaches, and redwood forests. Thus, it provides the ideal backdrop for filming different types of movies and TV shows, which is probably why several Lifetime movies are shot in the state. Now, here are more details about the filming locations of ‘The Wrong High School Sweetheart.’

Los Angeles, California

‘The Wrong High School Sweetheart’ was primarily filmed in Los Angeles, a sprawling city in Southern California. It houses the famous Hollywood neighborhood, which is considered to be the heart of the nation’s film and TV industry. Moreover, Los Angeles has a big network of established actors and production crew, as well as some of the biggest film studios in the world, such as Universal Studios Hollywood and 20th Century Studios, thus, attracting film productions from across the nation.

The gorgeous cityscape surrounded by mountains and the adjacent ocean makes the city a popular filming destination. Also called the City of Angels, Los Angeles has several popular tourist hotspots such as Venice Beach, Griffith Observatory, and TCL Chinese Theater. In addition, the city is a major hub of ethnic and cultural diversity, as well as economy. The movies ‘Eternals‘ and ‘The Tragedy of Macbeth‘ and also the TV series such as ‘The Office‘ and ‘How I Met Your Father‘ were filmed in Los Angeles.

The Wrong High School Sweetheart Cast

Mea Wilkerson leads the cast as Danielle, a successful young woman who reconnects with her former flame from high school. Wilkerson has done notable work in the movie ‘The Wrong Cheerleader Coach.’ ‘The Wrong High School Sweetheart’ also stars Vivica A. Fox as Dee Kressley. Fox has played prominent roles in the movies ‘Independence Day,’ the ‘Kill Bill‘ series, and ‘Christmas with a View.’

Other cast members include Doug Rogers (Todd), Eric Roberts (Detective Burns), Alex Trumble (Danny), Jamie Bernadette (Amy), Ryan Shoos (Jack), Tracy Nelson (Dr. Lawrence), and Helene Udy (Jane).

Is The Wrong High School Sweetheart Based on a True Story?

No, ‘The Wrong High School Sweetheart’ is not based on a true story. However, its storyline and characters are highly believable due to its skilled writer Robert Dean Klein. Furthermore, the movie most likely draws inspiration from real-life incidents about people being murdered by their high school lovers after reuniting several years later. In addition, several movies speak about people being obsessed with their high school crushes, such as the psychological thriller movie ‘Swimfan,’ which revolves around a girl who resorts to deadly measures to keep hold of her boyfriend.

The 2011 movie ‘Roommate’ also centers upon a similar theme: a girl getting obsessed with her female college roommate and then targeting her loved ones. Thus, even though ‘The Wrong High School Sweetheart’ is not a true story, it feels extremely close to reality due to the commendable performances of the cast members, and the impactful depiction of the dark side of the human psyche that refuses to let go of the past.

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