Moving On: All Shooting Locations of the Comedy Film

Written and directed by Paul Weitz, ‘Moving On’ is a comedy movie that follows two estranged friends — Claire and Evelyn — who meet each other after decades at the funeral of a mutual friend. Interestingly, that is not the only thing common between the two, as the widower of their deceased friend — Howard —  had wronged them both severely decades ago. Now, Claire and Evelyn decide to join forces to devise a plot to seek revenge on Howard and get some closure and justice for themselves.

Meanwhile, Claire reunites with a former lover, Ralph, as the two friends attempt to make peace with their respective pasts. The movie’s comedic elements and bright visuals overshadow the foreboding themes of death and funerals. At the same time, the story’s beginning unfolds in a cemetery setting, and aerial shots of the cityscape and numerous other interesting sites follow it. If that has made you curious about where ‘Moving On’ was filmed, let’s get a detailed account of the places that feature in the movie!

Moving On: Where Was it Filmed?

‘Moving On’ was filmed in California, specifically in and around Los Angeles. Principal photography for the Jane Fonda starrer seemingly commenced in November 2021 and wrapped up in a month or so in December of the same year. The production team ensured to utilize the vast and versatile landscape of the Golden State for different scenes set against a wide range of backdrops. So, without wasting time, let’s follow Claire and Evelyn as they embark on their vengeful quest and navigate through all the specific locations where the comedy flick was shot!

Los Angeles County, California

The filming unit of ‘Moving On’ traveled to the diverse terrains of Los Angeles County to shoot a significant chunk of the movie, making the most of different locales across the region. The cemetery scenes where Claire and Evelyn reunite after many years were seemingly lensed in one of the many cemeteries in and around Los Angeles County. Some of the prominent cemeteries in the county are Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Evergreen Cemetery, Los Angeles National Cemetery, and Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery.

Furthermore, it appears that the director and his crew utilized the facilities of Warner Bros. Studios at 4000 Warner Boulevard in the city of Burbank. The film studio comprises 37 different sound stages varying in size from 6,000 to 32,000 square feet. It is also home to plenty of production office space and many exterior sets that can be used for different settings. One of the reasons why Warner Bros. Studios served as a suitable production location for ‘Moving On’ is that the exterior sets tend to mimic any place, period, or look one can imagine.

In addition, some essential interior and exterior scenes for the comedy movie were possibly recorded on location against suitable backdrops across Los Angeles County. Over the years, it has hosted the production of numerous film and TV projects. Some notable ones include ‘Your Place or Mine,’ ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ ‘Shrinking,’ ‘The Office,’ ‘Young Sheldon,’ and ‘How I Met Your Mother.’

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