Where Was The Losers (2010) Filmed?

Directed by Sylvain White from the titular comic book series by Andy Diggle and Jock, ‘The Losers’ is a taut action thriller movie that showcases a tale of vengeance and betrayal. The cinematic narrative zooms in on a US Special Elite Force, who are plunged into the dense Bolivian jungle to execute a perilous mission. The team of five is joined by a mysterious female operative named Aisha. Together, they attempt to track down the fabled villain who goes by the name of Max and save the world from an imminent threat.

With a cast ensemble comprising known faces like Idris Elba, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chris Evans, Zoe Saldana, and told with an eclectic comic sensibility, the 2010 movie packs enough punch to keep the genre fans contended. The story takes the viewers on a grand world tour from Mexico to Mumbai, and scenes change from air stations to forests. But as it often happens in cinema, the actual shooting locations vary from the setting. If you seek to identify the locations where the film was shot, let us take you to the destinations.

The Losers Filming Locations

‘The Losers’ was filmed in its entirety in the US, especially in Puerto Rico and Florida. Filming commenced on July 23, 2009, and wrapped up by September 18 of the same year. Let us now take you to the specific locations where the film was shot!

Puerto Rico

The film takes the audience on an epic global tour, from tropical jungles to bustling cities. Although the scenes move from Miami to Dubai to Los Angeles and Mumbai, moving around the world was clearly not feasible for the production team. The location scouting process gave them a viable solution, and the director chose to move the cast and crew to Puerto Rico to film most of the sequences.

The territory of Puerto Rico gave them a range of diverse landscapes within a very short distance. While filming in the Caribbean island, the crew took a tour of the picturesque beaches, a landscape that can be passed off as a desert and dense rainforest. The rainforest of the region doubled as the jungles of Bolivia.

A few important sequences were filmed in the locality of Hato Rey, a constellation of three barrios in the municipality of San Juan. Not confining themselves to the city of San Juan, the team went to numerous places in and around the territory of Puerto Rico. A few scenes were filmed in the Arecibo Observatory at PR-625 in the municipality of Arecibo, located 50 miles west of San Juan, on the north coast of the territory of Puerto Rico.

Additional filming was carried out in Pinones, Santurce, Canovanas, and the island of Caja de Muertos. Moreover, some scenes were filmed in the Rio Grande Plantation Eco Resort, a plantation complex located at PR-956 in the Rio Grande. However, if you plan to backpack to the Plantation, we would be compelled to say that the location has been permanently closed.

Miami, Florida

A few sequences were filmed in the lush coastal city of Miami in the state of Florida. Due to its lush beaches, Miami has been featured in several cinematic productions, from ‘Scarface’ to ‘Moonlight.’ The team filmed in the neighborhood of South Beach in Miami to capture a few crucial segments. Some parts were filmed in Brickell Key (or Claughton Island), an artificial island off the coast of Miami by the mainland Brickell locality.

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