What’s Love Got to Do with It? (2023): All Filming Locations Explored

Helmed by Shekhar Kapur, ‘What’s Love Got to Do with It?’ is a British romantic comedy movie that revolves around Zoe, a documentary-maker who has only come across Mr. Wrongs by swiping right on dating apps numerous times, much to her mother Cath’s dismay. However, things are different for her childhood friend and neighbor, Kaz. Instead of searching for the one, he decides to follow in his parents’ footsteps and marry a beautiful woman from Pakistan whom his parents choose for him.

Zoe decides to film Kaz’s unique journey as he opts for an assisted marriage and travels all the way to Pakistan for the wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, she realizes she might have to alter her approach to finding love. Starring a mixed ensemble cast from South Asia as well as England, comprising Lily James, Shazad Latif, Shabana Azmi, Emma Thompson, Sajal Aly, Oliver Chris, and Asim Chaudhry, the rom-com unfolds in London and Lahore as the contrasting cultures and sites of the two cities are on full display. So, if you are interested in knowing where ‘What’s Love Got to Do with It?’ was filmed, we have got you covered!

What’s Love Got to Do with It? Filming Locations

‘What’s Love Got to Do with It?’ was filmed in England and Pakistan, especially in London, Suffolk, Oxfordshire, and Lahore. As per reports, principal photography for the romantic movie commenced in December 2020 and concluded in February 2021. Despite several lockdown restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic during the shooting process, the production team managed to wrap up the filming in about eight weeks or so. Now, without further ado, let us take you through all the specific locations that can be spotted in the Shekhar Kapur directorial!

London, England

Most of ‘What’s Love Got to Do with It?’ was lensed in and around London, with the filming unit setting up camp in different sites of the capital of England. For instance, some parts of the Shepherd’s Bush neighborhood were transformed into Lahore’s Anarkali Bazaar for the movie. Moreover, one of the London suburbs was turned into Lahore for the engagement party and neighborhood scenes. The London Boroughs of Camden, Kensington and Chelsea, Islington, and Southwark were prominent production locations for the rom-com. A few portions were recorded on South Bank’s The Queen’s Walk and Portobello Road.

Other Locations in England

For shooting purposes, the production team of ‘What’s Love Got to Do with It?’ also traveled to a couple of other locations across England, including the ceremonial county of Suffolk, where they made use of an English country manor and made it stand in for a Lahore palace for a traditional mehndi ceremony scene. Besides that, some locales of Oxfordshire, including a mansion or castle, also reportedly feature in the movie.

Lahore, Pakistan

Even though the cast members couldn’t get to Lahore to shoot some pivotal portions due to the travel restrictions amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the second unit traveled to the Pakistani city to tape numerous exterior sequences for the movie. So, you will likely spot some famous landmarks and Havelis in the backdrop of a few scenes, including the Badshahi Mosque, Lohari Gate Mosque, Islamic Summit Minar, Haveli of Nau Nihal Singh, Mubarak Begum Haveli Bhatti Gate, and Haveli Barood Khana.

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