Who Is Bo Lam in The Sinner? Is He Dead or Alive?

The Sinner‘ season 4 revolves around Harry Ambrose’s investigation of Percy Muldoon’s death. While trying to uncover the events that led to Percy’s death, Harry stumbles upon various secrets and conflicts involving the Hanover Island residents. Chief among these conflicts is the one between the Muldoons and their competitors in the fishing business, the Lams. The eighth and final episode of the fourth season sheds new light on this conflict by revealing the truth about Bo Lam, a less spoken member of the Lam family. Here’s what happened to Bo Lam in ‘The Sinner’ season 4! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who Is Bo Lam in The Sinner?

In ‘The Sinner’ season 4, Harry becomes acquainted with the Lams, a family who runs a fishing operation that rivals the Muldoons, one of the most influential families on Hanover Island. The Lam family comprises four members, parents Mike and Stephanie Lam and their children, the younger CJ, and his elder brother, Bo. It is stated early on that Bo is currently living on the Hong Kong island. He does not make an appearance on the show until the eighth episode of season 4.

In the eighth episode, Harry learns that Bo did not move to Hong Kong but died, and his grave rests on a piece of land the Lams purchased from the Muldoons. Harry confronts Sean about Bo’s death. Sean caves and decides to come clear. Through flashbacks, it is revealed that Bo worked for the Muldoons until a couple of years ago. A conflict between him and his employers changed the trajectory of the Lams and the Muldoons’ lives.

How Did Bo Lam Die?

In a flashback, we learn more about the conflict between the Muldoons and Bo. It is revealed that Bo was using the Muldoons’ boat to do extra fishing runs and earn money to support his family. When Colin and Sean found out about it and realized that their yields were getting lower, they felt that Bo was stealing from their traps. One night, Sean, Colin, and Percy took Bo out on Colin’s boat to confront him. However, the confrontation turned physical. To stop the fight between Sean and Bo, Percy used a gun but accidentally pulled the trigger, killing Bo.

Meg spoke with the Lams, and the families came to an agreement to cover up the murder. The Lams received a fishing license, which was expensive for them to purchase on their own in exchange for their silence. However, Bo’s death would continue to haunt Percy, and she never completely overcame the guilt of killing him. Moreover, the Muldoons’ fishing operation began to sink following the rise of a competitor and the costs they paid to cover up the crime. The financial constraints forced Colin and Sean to aid a human trafficking ring.

Ultimately, Percy found about their involvement in the racket, and she felt disgusted after seeing what her mistake had done to the family. She could not go to the police as it would destroy her family but also couldn’t bear the weight of her guilt. Therefore, Percy died by suicide to escape from the guilt. In the end, Sean’s admission is enough for the police to close the case of Percy’s death and the Lams acknowledge that Bo is dead. The family marks Bo’s grave with a picture of him to honor his memory.

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