Who is Caolan Waltrip? What is Black McAdam in Tulsa King?

Paramount+’s ‘Tulsa King‘ is a fascinating story of former New York mafia capo‘s banishment to the titular town in Oklahoma. In the series Dwight “The General,” Manfredi is released from prison and sent on a new assignment to Tulsa. He tries to set up his own criminal empire in the town while learning about Tulsa’s culture and residents. However, the third episode of the series introduces viewers to a dangerous new threat that could be a major obstacle in Dwight’s path. We are talking about Caolan Waltrip and his association with the mysterious Black McAdam. If you are looking for answers about Watrip’s motives and the role of Black McAdam in ‘Tulsa King,’ here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who is Caolan Waltrip?

Caolan Waltrip is introduced in the third episode of ‘Tulsa King,’ titled ‘Caprice.’ He first appears in the episode’s opening minutes during a standoff between the ATF and a man named Edgar Dumont. Waltrip is a colleague of Dumont and is quickly identified by Stacy. She asks him to help negotiate a possible surrender with Dumont. However, Waltrip refuses to help and implies that Dumont brought this situation upon himself. Later, Stacy reveals that Waltrip is the leader of a local gang stacking up on guns and weapons. Dumont was Waltrip’s former cellmate and crew member, implying that Waltrip might have had a hand in Dumont killing himself.

In the series, actor Ritchie Coster essays the role of Caolan Waltrip. Coster hails from London, UK, and made his acting debut in 1997. He is known for portraying Chechen in the superhero drama film ‘The Dark Knight.’ Some viewers might recognize the actor as Anslo Garrick in ‘The Blacklist. ‘ However, Coster’s more popular appearances include his stint as Pope in ‘The Walking Dead‘ and Mayor Austin Chessani in ‘True Detective.’ Coster is credited as a recurring guest star for the first season of ‘Tulsa King.’

What is Black McAdam?

In the third episode, Stacy investigates Waltrip and mentions “Black McAdam.” It is the name of Waltrip’s crew that masquerades as a biker gang. The gang comprises Waltrip, Dumont, Roxy, and Carson Pike. Roxy is Waltrip’s right-hand woman who is very close to her boss. Stacy implies that Waltrip always listens to Roxy and seeks her advice on important matters. Furthermore, she is a former marine who has served two rounds in Afghanistan, making her the team’s ammunition expert. Pike is the crew’s muscle and mostly likely Waltrip’s personal bodyguard. Stacy states that it is impossible to get to Waltrip without defeating the ferocious Pike.

However, the most notorious member of the crew is their leader, Waltrip. He is known for committing armed robberies, murders, and assaults. Waltrip spent six years in prison and returned to a life of crime after release. He most likely founded Black McAdam after he was released from prison. It is implied that the biker gang is considered an outsider in the local community. However, they are involved in various criminal activities, including selling drugs at the music festival. Thus, Black McAdam’s presence in Tulsa s a threat to Dwight and his attempt to build a crew in the small town. Therefore, it will be interesting to see what happens when Dwight’s crew comes face-to-face with the members of Black McAdam. On the other hand, the ATF is tightly monitoring every move of Black McAdam and its grand plan.

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